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15 Things Women Should Know About Sex

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15 Things Women Should Know About Sex

There are a ton of myths about women and sex. Some myths bare some truth, whereas others are simply wrong. Unfortunately, by believing myths and stereotypes, many women miss out on some of best benefits of sex.

Add in that many women only know about sex based on their experience and what they witness is movies and you have a problem. Women, there’s more to know about sex than you might think!

Learn about sex to improve your relationship, health, and boost your love life:

1. Women Do Tend To Have Lower Libidos

While every individual is unique, in most cases women do enjoy sex just as much as men tend to. The main difference is that women also tend to have lower libidos than men –which means that women crave sex less frequently and have less obvious triggers.

2. But Women Also Desire and Enjoy Sex

Unlike men, whose interest in sex is generally piqued by almost anything –thinking about sex, gazing at an attractive person, etc.- women have to get “in the mood.” To get in the mood more, figure out what gets you going!

3. The Environment You Are In Does Matter

For many women, the environment of sex influences getting in the mood. For example, you might be uncomfortable having sex in a dirty bedroom. There is nothing wrong with that, just let your partner know and keep the room tidy.

4. Practice Does Make Perfect

The more sex you have, the better you get at it. Pertinent muscles get stronger and you and your partner figure out what helps you reach climax. That makes for better sex.

5. Feeling Emotionally Connected Is Part Of The Pleasure

Although sex is a physical act, it is also closely tied to emotions. Physiologically, feeling positive emotions while having sex helps to enhance orgasms and make sex more desirable, increasing libido as well.

6. How You Feel About Yourself Is Important

When you have low self-esteem it affects your sex life. Not only does it cause you to look forward to sex less because of the intimacy and vulnerability involved, but low self-confidence can cause you to feel tense, make sex more jarring and less fun.

7. Knowing You Are Desirable Results In Better Sex

A major part of your self-esteem is influenced by feeling desirable. Do what it takes to make yourself feel –not just know- that you are worthwhile, attractive, and fun to get intimate with. For example, put on your favorite dress before getting busy.

8. Good Sex Won’t Leave You In Pain

Sex can leave you sore –you are working muscles and rubbing up against another person’s body! However, sex should never be painful. If it is, you might be experiencing a common sex problem that can easily be resolved.

9. Lubricant Is Necessary

One of the most common reasons for sex being painful is that women aren’t lubricated enough. Foreplay and sexual stimulation cause your body to produce secretions that lubricate the vagina. If your body isn’t producing enough lubricant, you need to use a synthetic product.

10. Taking It Slow Has Many Benefits

Along with lubricant, having slow sex can make it less painful. Pus, slower sex means more foreplay, increased intimacy, and possibly longer, enhanced orgasms.

11. Having Trouble With Orgasms Is Normal

About 10% of women have never had an orgasm. For some women, an orgasm isn’t as natural as it is a challenge that takes effort and strategy. Many other women find that they don’t reach a climax during a large number of their sexual encounters. That’s relatively normal, and it’s okay.

12. Orgasms Can Be Weird Too

Believe it or not, women can orgasm when they aren’t having sex. Simply fantasizing about sex, making out intensely, or exercising in certain positions can cause an orgasm in some women. It all depends on how women are using their sexual muscles and connecting their thoughts to their muscle movement.

13. Intercourse Is Exercise

You might have heard about using sex to burn calories. It’s not a myth. Sex counts as exercise, especially when it’s very active and lengthy. Muscles hidden within the body, like in the vagina, as well as pelvic, leg, back, and other more obvious muscles get a great workout from sex.  

14. Enjoying Sex Can Relieve Pain

There are a number of physical health benefits of having sex- particularly good sex. When you orgasm, for instance, your body produces pleasurable endorphins that can help to relieve pain, tension, and stress.

15. Sex Boosts Your Health

Along with sex helping to relieve pain and stress, it can also help improve your health in a variety of ways. For instance, sex is known for:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving sleep
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Enhancing the appearances of the skin

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