5 Ways Essential Oils Can Help You


5 Ways Essential Oils Can Help You

Feb 10, 2015 //

Essential oils are quickly becoming renowned for their ability to relieve stress and improve our day-to-day lives. Angela Shim is a Core Vitality Coach who has been teaching clients about the many practical benefits of using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for years.

We asked Angela to recommend a few scents for women and scents for men that could help us all overcome a few of life’s most common obstacles. Having just returned from a trip to Ecuador where she was lucky enough to get to pick her own ylang ylang, Angela was happy to share some of her wisdom!

Having A Tough Day? Lavender Oil

Did your boss just decide that he needs that assignment he forgot to tell you about in an hour? Don’t worry, just the sound of the word “lavender” is often enough to begin the relaxation process. It conjures up delightful visions of running barefoot through a lush purple field as all the tension just glides off your shoulders.

If you’ve had one of those particularly rough days, then lavender oil is one of those perfect scents to help you relieve stress and calm your mind before bed.

Use For: Nervous system support during stressful times, promoting restful sleep and supporting healthy skin.

Application Options: Apply 2-4 drops on location, chakras/Vita Flex points, inhale, or diffuse.

Avoiding A Cold? Thieves Oil

Maybe flu season is approaching or maybe it’s just one of those strange weeks where everyone seems to have a cold (even though it’s the middle of summer!) Instead of reaching for that hospital mask or continuously dousing your hands in antibacterial gel, try Thieves oil!

This unique essential oil has been known to boost the immune system. It might just provide the extra “umph” you need to dodge the cold that’s flying around the accounting department.

Thieves Oil is actually a blend of cinnamon, clove, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus oils, which has been researched by Weber State University to show 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria. Angela also emphasises that authentic Thieves Oil is only available from Young Living Essential Oils.

Use For: Maintaining a healthy immune system during cold and flu season.

Application Options: Swish in mouth, add to orange juice, or rub on chest or feet.

Finishing A Big Project? Peppermint Oil

There’s something really important coming up in your life. Maybe it’s a test, a work deadline, or just a mega-challenging Pilates class (that you’re determined to finish this time!). The feel-good scent of peppermint oil can increase your motivation with the added benefit of helping you to focus on whatever challenge lies in your path.

Fitness enthusiasts have found that peppermint oil is a great choice before working out because it puts an extra spring in your step! Angela also says that guys love peppermint because it increases their sense of alertness and helps fend off nagging aches and pains.

Use For: Improving mental alertness, alleviating minor aches and pains from daily living.

Application Options: Place 1-2 drops on tongue to improve concentration, alertness, and memory!

Shaking A Bad Mood? Lemon Oil

Maybe a pigeon who just ate a big breakfast bulls-eyed your car (or your head), or maybe you stubbed your toe on the plastic fire truck your toddler keeps parked in the doorway, or maybe you just stayed up too late watching Fallon. Regardless of how it happened, you’re in a pretty sour mood this morning and everybody else better watch out!

A tough start doesn’t need to ruin your day though. The natural fragrance of lemon oil might be all you need to lift your spirits and snap out of that cranky funk!

Use For: Invigorating and uplifting mood, improving memory, and enhancing immune system.

Application Options: Apply 2-4 drops on location, chakras/Vita Flex points, inhale, diffuse.

Struggling To Keep Emotions In Check? Ylang Ylang Oil

You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know something just isn’t right today. Perhaps your mind won’t stop racing through your “to-do” list, or maybe that sappy home insurance commercial with the cute puppies keeps bringing you to tears. Some days are just more emotional than others.

The next time you find yourself having one of those up-and-down days, try a dose of ylang ylang oil. This super scent will help relax your mind and begin to set your emotions back into balance.

Use For: Supporting restoration of confidence and peace.

Application Options: Apply 2-4 drops on location, chakras/Vita Flex points, inhale, diffuse.

Interested in learning even more about essential oils and their benefits? Angela’s websites give more information:



Eric Tyndale

Along with being a professional writer, Eric is fitness and health enthusiast who loves to play all types of sports and stay active! He also enjoys doing yoga with his incredibly flexible cat.

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