5 Weird Ways Your Body Reacts to Stress


5 Weird Ways Your Body Reacts to Stress

Nov 19, 2014 //

The trials and tribulations of day-to-day life abound. As noted author Paolo Coelho so articulately puts it,

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

It’s not always easy to make it through the day; there is a lot expected of us. So when life feels really heavy, what do we do?

Every day we’re consumed with the situations around us that need our attention.
Stressors, and their signs and symptoms, differ for everyone, making them sometimes hard to identify. The key to dealing with both is to understand how to examine and exercise them, allowing yourself to be able to quickly catch and quell anxiety as it may arise.

While many of us have some idea what stresses us out, there are some instances that may be surprising, even sneaky, that greatly affect us. Stressors are tricky—you may not assume the underlying issue is a problem, so there are some strange symptoms you should know.

You’re Unusually on Edge

Sometimes, when we’re anxious, it’s hard to identify the cause. It’s important to make sure to look at the whole picture of our day, not just the obvious occurrences that we’re accustomed to be annoyed about. Maybe you’ve taken a new route home for work because of construction or your most trusted takeout spot has closed its doors. Many times, small spikes in a change of routine can affect our mood more than we can imagine. Now, identify a back-up plan. If that alleviates the symptoms, you’re sure to know it was just an outside influence that was really affecting the outcome of your happiness.

Blood Sugar Spikes Stress You Out

There is some serious science behind how blood sugar affects your stress levels. Even some things we perceive as healthy habits in our daily lives can actually wreak havoc on our happiness. Understanding how your body works internally is ultra-important when identifying how to take a physical approach to your well-being. Explore how inner peace can provide some extra positive energy, starting with staying away from undue stress, and inform yourself on how high blood sugar may affect you.

Seasonal Stress is Real

We can all agree that the holidays are hectic, but for some of us, it goes deeper than that. Family conflict, feelings of loneliness, abandonment and the like exist. While many spend the time celebrating with family, some spend a season, particularly the holidays, in a perpetual state of dysfunction or disappointment. If this is you, seek out someone that knows your individual story. Just one understanding set of ears can change not only a day of a life, but maybe even an outlook that will last a little bit longer. Here are some great ways to beat seasonal stress.

Stress Increases Sickness

From the common cold to abnormal sleeping—stress has an extraordinarily taxing toll on our body’s systems. The more time we spend spun up in anger, frustration, fear or the like, the more apt we are to suffer from one of the more severe health symptoms of stress. Increasing endorphins through exercising, or even a brief outdoor excursion, will allow you to re-collect and recuperate from some of the harsh realities of any day and breathe a little easier.

The Weather Wears You Out

One day it’s warm, the next it’s winter. Global warming is real, and we’re all now subject to Mother Nature. While some of us find the highs and lows exhilarating, most find it difficult to navigate the seasons with any sense of accuracy or security. Seasonal weather woes like hurricanes and tornadoes create an increased concern for people potentially in their paths. We try so hard to control what we can in our lives, but when it comes to weather, it’s hard to win. Find out what your boundaries are when it comes to weather-related issues; it’s important to identify firmly what you are and are not willing to deal with.

Stress management is possible through learning practical ways to lead a more conscious, fulfilled existence. It’s important, too, to remember to identify the difference between stress and depression. If you’re concerned that the stress you’re suffering has become too overwhelming, make sure to seek the help you need. Talk to a professional, friend or family member who you feel comfortable with having assist you in your challenges. You are not alone, not ever.

Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott is a professional writer and digital media strategist living and working in East Harlem, New York City. With a passion for wellness—mind, body & soul— Kate utilizes her writing ability to inspire a sense of optimal well-being for everyone in their day-to-day lives through her words.

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