6 Ways to Feel Sexy with Home-spa Treatments


6 Ways to Feel Sexy with Home-spa Treatments

Dec 27, 2014 //

The spa is always a welcomed indulgence for women, but regular maintenance, let alone pampering, can get expensive quickly. The do-it-yourself (DIY) self-care item movement is in full swing; use it to make yourself feel sexy!

The beauty of it, quite literally, is there are always ways you can create your own healthy alternative to expensive store-bought products. One of the best ways to utilize this trend is to make spa treatments right at home.

Here are six in-store alternatives that will make you feel like a queen while still keeping a tight reign on your budget and beauty regimen:

Sugar Body Scrub

An exfoliating scrub is inexpensive to make as its primary ingredient is granulated sugar—either brown or white, all you need is half a cup. Then, simply add oil of your choice, coconut or olive oil are the best options, at a quarter cup and combine well. Keep the scrub in a well-sealed jar, then enjoy and indulge in your next shower.

Face Mask

There are lots of different masks you can make for a fresher face. Our favorite? The Lift and Tighten’: “Combine 2 tbsp plain yogurt with 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice (the juice of one lemon) and apply to your cleansed face and neck. Let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll feel the mask tighten on your face and neck, which creates a lifting and firming effect. Leave it on longer (up to one hour) for even more face-lifting effects. Once done, rinse with tepid water followed by a cool rinse. This mask can be done two to three times a week.”

Hair Treatment

Can you believe all you need is a banana to condition your hair to achieve the most luscious locks? What you need and how it works is below, via Natural Hair Rules:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2-3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp pure honey
  • 1 plastic conditioning cap

How to Use: Mix banana and EVOO in a blender until very smooth, then add remaining ingredients and mix well until there are no lumps. Pour mixture through a strainer to remove any extra lumps or banana pulp before applying to your hair. Apply to wet hair, cover with plastic conditioning cap and leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


Try a great DIY nail strengthener or make your own cuticle oil with 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of warmed olive oil, and one uncapsuled vitamin E tablet, combining until well-stirred. Between manicures, you can take care of your own hands; it’s a savvy project that saves you time and money while still letting you have the same luxuries as the salon.

Teeth Whitening

Natural whitening is easier than you may think. There are many ways to achieve a whiter smile without having to buy expensive bleaches or take a trip to the dentist. Did you know that some foods, even strawberries, work as natural astringents to help make teeth whiter? It’s true! Find what at-home methods make sense for you and get that grin in gear.

Essential Oils

They can be used for anything from perfume or hand sanitizer to playdough. Essential oils are integral in DIY wellbeing projects, so find a few to keep on hand. Not only are they great to use in your own products, essentials oils work too as the basic component of amazing gifts you can make for family and friends for any occasion.

Now it’s time to relax. Light some candles, jump in a bubble bath, do whatever you love to do when you kick back and relax. You deserve it after all that do-it-yourself work. Now it will all pay off. You took the time to make something magnificent; allow yourself a little time to feel good about taking care of your health through making your own products at home and loving the final results.

Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott is a professional writer and digital media strategist living and working in East Harlem, New York City. With a passion for wellness—mind, body & soul— Kate utilizes her writing ability to inspire a sense of optimal well-being for everyone in their day-to-day lives through her words.

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