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7 Ways to Enjoy Sex this Summer

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7 Ways to Enjoy Sex this Summer

It's normal to get stuck in a sexual slump due to a busy schedule and various day-to-day obligations. Additionally, the longer you have been intimate with your partner, the higher the odds are that things might feel boring or like the “same old same old.” Don’t fret! With summer being the season for wearing the least amount of layers and hanging beach or poolside, make this the time to find ways to revitalize your bedroom pleasures. Spice up your sex life with these 7 ways to enjoy sex this summer!

1. Create a Summer Sex Playlist

Collaborate with your spouse or significant other to come up with one or more compilations of songs that will surely set the mood. Brainstorm tunes that will make you feel confident and allow you to channel different sexual sides of you, perhaps the temptress or the dominator. Additionally, aim for a variety of song types. Pick ones that are great for the sensual and romantic evenings (or daytimes) and others that are perfect for those steamy, fiery and passionate occasions. This will definitely keep things fun and exciting!

2. Channel Your Inner Brad and Angelina

Acting and/or role-playing can be an excellent way to make intimacy super enjoyable. Whether you're re-enacting specific, romantic movie scenes or recreating a pornographic video, find something that both you and your partner want to act out. Be sure to add your own twist and touches to things too! This tip might allow you to let loose in ways that you normally wouldn’t have, helping you to discover new things that you enjoy. Start preparing for your acting debut!

3. Catch Him/Her by Surprise

It's normal for intimacy and/or your partner to become a bit predictable with time, or so it may seem! If you've reached this point, this is your opportunity to bring out the wildcard. Whether it's suddenly trying out a new sexual activity, catching him/her off guard in sexy lingerie or seducing your significant other, take matters into your own hands and add some flavor to the bedroom. Plus, not only will your partner most likely love the spontaneity, but also he or she will most likely reciprocate with a pleasurable surprise of his/her own.

4. Experiment!

Just when you think that you and your significant other have tried it all, there are most likely at least a couple things that you have yet to experience. Search through the plethora of sex toys in stores or online. If that's not your thing, try out new and different positions to utilize body friction, have him/her explore your body in ways that they haven’t before or even pleasure yourself while your partner is pleasing you. The whole experimental process of finding ultimate sources of mind-blowing stimulation is half the fun of discovering the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.    

5. Add Sex-ercise to Your Fitness Regimen

Whether prepping for a tropical vacation or gearing up to strut your stuff at the pool, summer is the season that is all about the beach body! As a result, everyone usually kicks up their daily, weekly or monthly fitness regimens a couple of notches this time of year. Of course, for most people, this means going heavy on the cardio and weight training. Seems like a lot of hard work.. or kind of like a chore, huh? So, why not add something fun to the routine? Sex-ercise! There are plenty of online calorie calculators to help plan your fun-filled summer of sex-ercise! Add foreplay to the mix, aim for more than one session per day, strive for longer rounds and make it intense for a serious caloric expenditure!

6. Heighten Sex with Fruity Aphrodisiacs

Seeing as summer is characterized by warm, tropical weather and basking in the sun, why not stimulate your senses and boost your sex drive with some fruity aphrodisiacs, which are also perfect for any summertime celebration or refreshing snack? Pomegranates, bananas, figs, mangoes, watermelon, strawberries, cherries are some of the many aphrodisiacs that should be added to your summer food menus!

7. Make a Summer Sex Bucket List

We all have sexual activities that we personally love and most of us have some fantasies too! So, why not discuss with your partner and make a summer sex bucket list? It should consist of five new activities, five new places, five things that you absolutely love doing and five fantasies—plus anything else that you both would like to add. This is a great chance to learn more about your partner sexually, to try out new things and also to make intimacy a priority. Follow this tip and you will be nice and busy this summer!

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