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7 Ways You Can Be the Best Boyfriend Ever

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7 Ways You Can Be the Best Boyfriend Ever

You focused your time, money and energy on one special lady – and she said YES. Huge congratulations to you! Even though you couldn’t be happier, you might be starting to think about how you can continue to make her happier, right?

In a recent articleI shared tips for women about how they can be a great girlfriend, so it’s only fair I make sure I’ve got you covered too!

I know it’s not so easy to understand us women – we are infinitely more complicated compared to men. Our needs and what we want continually change. So how can you keep up – and keep her happy?

I promise, if you follow my 7 tips here she’ll begrateful and excited to be with you – for a lifetime!

1. Dress to Impress

This is at the top because it’s so important – and often overlooked by many men I meet in relationships. Continuing to take pride in your appearance, your home and even your car once your committed will win you big points with her. Doing this demonstrates she still matters to you – and makes her proud to be with you.

2. A LOT of Attention

This can be a tricky one for most men to fully grasp because you don’t require much attention. Even at your own Birthday party, you’re more focused on taking care of everyone vs. your gifts. Completely opposite for women. We have no limit on how much attention we can handle. So, keep up the compliments on her hair, body, clothes. Pepper this with weekly romantic gestures and you’re good to go.

3. Put Your Listening Ears On

We walk in the room and start speaking in a high-pitched voice about 8 different topics at once. Your first instinct will be to tune out. However, women’s biggest complaint is that we never feel “heard”. So, let her vent, then ask her “is there anything I can do for you?” She’ll quickly reveal exactly what she wants from you – even if it’s just listening to her.

4. Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

I’m guilty of this. I’ve been the holy reign of terror all morning, then my guy will bring me flowers to try and make me happy. Wrong move! When we’re picking fights and being unkind to you – don’t reward us. Instead, set a boundary or even better, go hang with your buddies and tell her you’ll call to see if the storm’s passed..:)

5. Listen for What She Wants

Out of all my tips here, this one is the best golden nugget that will produce immediate results. Women often ask for what they want indirectly – usually in the form of hints. We think you pick up on it (and I know you don’t). So to make sure you never miss an opportunity to make her happy, simply put “I want…” in front of everything she says. #boom!

6. Embrace Her Emotional Range

As a guy, you like things fairly steady state, logical and making sense. Which is pretty much the opposite way most women are. Our emotions are like an ocean wave, going up and down all day long. Telling us to “just calm down” drives us crazy. We need to feel safe we won’t be made wrong for expressing our full emotional range. Better to grab a surf board and ride the wave with us..:)

7. Don’t Stop Pursuing Her

Why would you need to pursue her if you’re already committed? The truth is, women want the courting stage to never end. The romance, flowers, attention and gifts are what had her fall in love with you. So continue to do all the things you did to catch her for the life of the relationship. It might cost you some time and a bit of money – but the return on your investment will be high.

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