8 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation


8 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Jan 27, 2015 //

Why should you meditate every day? Mindfulness meditation is a great way to take control of your mind and direct the way you think about the world. This type of meditation makes you master of your own thoughts, actions and destiny; it allows you to experience a world where your thoughts are at peace with the reality around you, and assists you to create your reality in a way that brings you more ease, too.

Mindfulness meditation is of Buddhist origins, and invites you to take control of your own mind. To meditate every day opens your mind to a sanctuary of inner peace. Most people meditate for the abundant health benefits of lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and bringing balance back to their natural body rhythms.

There is also an array of psychological benefits and defenses you can build through mindfulness meditation.

Here are just some of the benefits of this practice:

Controlling Your Reactions

There is a saying, you may not be able to control a situation, but you do have control over the way you choose to react to a situation. Many say, we build a perspective of the world around us within the mind and, for this reason each person’s idea of reality may be very different than another’s.

Mindfulness meditation is a traditional Buddhist practice that welcomes you to build a world within your mind where you are in complete control of your own perspective. This allows you to evade the attack of outside forces that play on your emotions.

You alone, therefore, control your reactions to outside circumstances.

Being More Aware With Words

When you talk to others, nothing is ever staged. The things you say to others though also have an enormous impact on the way in which others view you. In fact, sometimes people fail to take notice of the way their words impact another person.

The art of conversation is just that—an art. While speaking to others, some neglect to take notice of how their words, tone or body language may be interpreted. Even more so, your conversation most often becomes characteristic of a reflection of the thoughts you most often hold within your mind.

Mindfulness meditation teaches that silence is golden, and awareness of the words we do speak can be so beneficial in building and nurturing caring, compassionate relationships, too.

Living In the Moment

Mindfulness meditation is all about living in the moment. When you learn to forget the past and relieve yourself from fear of the future, only then can you truly seize the day. Anxiety comes from our mind tricking us into thinking that either the past or future is more important than the present moment we are currently experiencing.

When you meditate, it’s important to focus on a light, a blank slate or absolutely nothing. This allows you to free your mind from the reality constructed by the senses, and opens your eyes to a world where refinement of thoughts allows you to direct your own motion in life.

Knowing Your Moods

When you reach a deep state of meditation, you free yourself from the ego that clouds your better judgment. This frees your mind, even if only for a brief moment, from the shadow of doubt, worry and restrictions your moods impose upon you.

In this moment of inner peace, you begin to see the futility of the inner battle you have built around your emotions of reaction—the whip of each change in mood becomes just something to observe, instead of something with which to engage.

Embracing Empathy

Meditation is a great way to not only free ourselves from inner battles; it’s also a way to build empathy for others. This comes as a product of forgiveness of self; once we forgive ourselves, we are better able to forgive and empathize with the challenges of others.

Brightening the Light Inside

Each and every time you meditate, the light inside you grows with a glow.

It’s difficult to imagine how something such as meditating requires mastery, but with each meditation session, your mindfulness increases. Many seekers of inner wisdom meditate to reach more conscious states and intensify their own ability to affect their reality in a positive way.

Living With Peace of Mind

Are you constantly stressed? One of the greatest benefits of mindfulness meditation is having peace of mind.

Mindfulness meditation is all about establishing a world of inner tranquility—one where you can think and act from a state of acceptance and understanding. The struggle between conflicting thoughts only adds stress to your day and can be reduced through meditative techniques.

Learning Acceptance

One of the major goals of traditional Buddhist mindfulness meditation is to reach a state of greater acceptance. In human psychology, acceptance frees us from a prison of our senses and lower states of mind.

Acceptance is the understanding that resistance of the unfolding reality is futile. It is up to us to align ourselves, our thoughts and our actions in the most positive direction despite the struggle of our circumstances.

Practice mindful meditation every day and try some of these positive choices for work-life balance.

Amber Racer

Amber is a creative writer who practices qi gong and traditional Japanese martial arts techniques that date back to the samurai (Jinenkan). She founded The Oracle's Library indie publisher of Philosophy and loves to share her curious passion for mind-body-spirit topics, natural remedies, and good health practices with others.

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