8 Romantic Gestures to Show You Care


8 Romantic Gestures to Show You Care

Dec 6, 2014 //

It’s important to let your significant other know you care; whether you’re just dating or have been an inseparable item for a long time, everyone needs to feel appreciated and cared for as much as possible in their relationship.

What can you do to pick up your love game right now?

The Ladies’ List

Pick Him Up Some Luxury Toiletries

How many men that you know are swipe off the shelf and go? They barely know what they have in their hand, but that’s A-OK. Men rarely take the time, or even think about, expanding their grooming products or regimen. The skin care market for men is flourishing and shows no sign of stopping. Find something you know they’ll love but would never pick for themselves; even a small sweet treat may make a big impact.

Cook with Something You Dislike but He Loves

When the ladies are in the kitchen, a lot of times, it becomes ‘our house our rules.’ If we don’t like something, we simply don’t cook with it. If you’re olive oil and he’s butter, cut him a break once in a while. You may discover that your tastes have changed over time, or, at the very least, changing it up will make him feel extra-appreciated (and satiated!) during the meal.

Invite His Friends Over for a Sports Match

What’s better than beer and Buffalo wings? Beer, Buffalo wings and bros—just ask your boyfriend or husband! Most men are big sports fans, and a lot of their friends are too. Allow them to get together for a match of their choice at your place once in a while. Make a menu, grab a beer (or girlfriend!) and enjoy a little solitude in the kitchen while the guys are grunting and guzzling in front of the flat screen.

Make the Effort to Spice it Up Once in a While

It doesn’t have to be sex; it can be simpler than that. You may look fantastic in your sweatpants and topknot, but some Saturday morning, change up your look to something he’ll lust after. It may even just mean a good hair wash and some mascara. You’re sure to feel better and he’ll notice something is a little more alluring, even if he isn’t quite sure what it is.

For the Gents

Buy a Flower with Staying Power

Roses and the like are lovely, but give her a flower that will last longer than a few days. Orchids or Zinnias are a great choice, with Zinnias lasting an astounding 24 days without changing the water every two days. Let the flowers blossom like your appreciation for the one you love; the longer they’re there to be enjoyed, the happier the lucky lady in your life.

Pick Up Dessert

Gentleman, imagine a giant pepperoni pizza, piping hot, sitting on a table, just for you. That’s dessert for your dear girlfriend or wife. Surprise her with her favorite sweet treat (make sure to ask if you don’t know—spoiling the initial surprise is okay if you get it right!) to let her know you appreciate her and everything she does. They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but who would turn down dessert? Want bonus points? Bring wine too.

Do the Dishes

Or the laundry, or just pick your socks up off the bedroom floor. Whatever you’re habitually known for not doing, give it a go and surprise your sweetheart. Just making the effort will be so appreciated; it won’t even matter if you can’t fold the flat sheet or you leave smudges of the silver. Appreciation isn’t necessarily in the details; all it takes is an unexpected loving gesture.

Hold Her Hand in Public

We all want to feel desired. Whether at the grocery store, or on a quick coffee run, grab her hand and give it a quick squeeze. Even if it’s just for a second, it will have a lasting impact on the security of knowing that you’re aware and present in the relationship. When our partners are paying attention to our needs, we become supremely satisfied with how it’s all going and it just gets indefinitely better.

You’ve got the tools; now go forth and woo! It doesn’t take a lot of money, or even a lot of time to make sure that someone knows you really care. Share your love with a kind gesture, however small or seemingly insignificant. You’ll be surprised by how much any romantic gesture of affection will mean to the one you love.

Kate McDermott

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