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A Positive Morning Routine – Start the Day With Yoga

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A Positive Morning Routine – Start the Day With Yoga

Tired of having those rough mornings where you have to force yourself out of bed? Seeking a way to gain more energy and make it through your day? That’s where yoga comes in! Doing yoga in the morning helps to get you centered, focused, and energized for your day while opening your body and releasing tension! Not sure how to start? Check out this morning yoga routine below!

Pose #1: Spinal Stretche

  • Sit down with your legs crossed to start.
  • Place one hand on the opposite knee(right hand on left, left hand on right), inhale, and twist in the direction of your knee.
  • Exhale and return back to the front. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Then put one palm on the floor and take the opposite hand and lean over your body in the other hand’s direction while inhaling.
  • After an exhale, return to the original position and repeat.

Pose #2: Child’s Pose

  • Stay sitting down, ankles underneath you and your knees either spread out or straight.
  • You will then lean over and lay down as flat as you can, laying your palms and forehead down on the ground or on a pillow, if necessary.

Pose #3: Cat Tilt

  • Get on all fours, wrists under shoulders and knees underneath your hips.
  • While leaning your head down, breathe for a few minutes.
  • Taking a deep breath in and out, round your back upward, drawing your chin into your stomach.
  • Then inhale, dropping your bellybutton to the floor and repeat.

Pose #4: Downward Dog Pose

  • Keeping your palms on the ground, lift your body up and forward, causing your legs to stretch out and make a V.
  • Allow your feet to spread, and you are in the downward dog pose!

Pose #5: Triangle Pose

  • Pull your body upward, legs still wide.
  • Take one foot and point it outside of the body.
  • Then take your arms and lift them up to your sides.
  • Lean towards the foot that is pointed out and grasp the ankle.
  • Hold for a few breaths and then do the same thing on the opposite side.

Pose #6: Tree Pose

  • With feet still apart, bring your hands up onto your hips of cup them in front of your chest.
  • While taking in a deep breath, bring one leg up and put it either on the inside of the calf of the thigh.
  • Take in deep breaths, and if you can keep your balance, lift your hands up above your head.
  • Lower your foot after a couple breaths and repeat with the opposite foot.

Pose #7: Standing Back Bend And Side Stretches

  • Stand up straight and lift your arms straight up, leaning back a little bit, with a big breath in.
  • As you exhale, Let one hand come down to your side.
  • Lean over with your head and arm.
  • Slowly raise back up straight with a deep breath in and then out.

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