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Does Sex Hurt? Five Tips to Fix It!

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Does Sex Hurt? Five Tips to Fix It!

It’s hard to get excited for sex when sex hurts. Some of you may be asking “does sex really hurt?” You’re fortunate if you’ve never experienced painful intercourse, because many people have. Women in particular tend to find that sex does hurt occasionally.

If you are finding that sex hurts regularly or if it is very painful, then take action so that you can enjoy intimacy with your partner again rather than suffering through it. These five sex tips treat painful sex in simple but effective ways.

1. Use Lubricant

One of the most common causes of pain during sex is that a woman’s vagina is far too dry. This can be the result of any number of factors. For example, a women’s vagina may be dry because she was not sufficiently stimulated before sex. She may be dry due to dieting, or due to having recently given birth. There are a lot of different possibilities.

Vaginal dryness makes sex feel abrasive and can have you asking yourself, “how long does sex hurt?” This is because the abrasiveness can lead to itching or burning that lasts a long time.

  • The good news is this though: you don’t have to be dry. You can purchase lubricants at a store and only need a little dab near your lady parts before sex to keep the experience pleasurable and abrasion-free.

2. Focus More on Foreplay

Foreplay before sex isn’t just something fun that you can skip if you’re pressed for time. Enjoying foreplay is as much about your emotional and relational state as it is your physical state. It’s during foreplay, after all, that your body sends out the signals to self-lubricate the vagina. For guys, foreplay is what causes an erection.

In a woman’s body, the uterus usually must also raise itself up a little so that the vaginal cavity can expand to accommodate the erect penis. It’s during foreplay, again, that the body sends this command.

  • Without sufficient foreplay, the penis may not have as much space in the vagina and that can cause pain to both partners!

3. Try Different Positions

Every woman’s body is unique, as is every man’s! As a result, some positions just aren’t as comfortable for everybody. Further, sometimes men in particular have trouble gauging how hard they are thrusting and the direction they are supposed to move in –even with their partner guiding them.

Different sex positions can change all that and relieve associated pains. For women with a partner who’s just a little too rough, a position that allows her to be on top will give her more control over the pace and intensity of the sex. This can help her to enjoy sex more and to experience much less pain, and her partner will still enjoy it, too.

Many people also find that sex is painful because of back pain. In such cases, different positions may work the back less or simply require less pressure, which can reduce the exacerbation of the back pain.

  • Try to learn more about different sex positions and then select and test a few out together. Combining new positions with extra foreplay often serves as a complete solution for painful intercourse.

4. Take a Break for Awhile

If you have tried changing positions, ramping up the foreplay, and using lubricant, but sex is still painful, try taking a little break from it. It’s possible that the amount or intensity of sex you have had has caused minor trauma. Your body may just need time to recover.

  • It is best to commit to at least two weeks without sex in such cases. Just be sure to let your partner know why you’re avoiding getting intimate so there’s no confusion!

5. Visit

When you’ve tried every at-home remedy and way to treat painful sex but nothing is working, it’s time to call your doctor. There are many different conditions, injuries, and even infections that can cause painful intercourse.

You could, for example, be allergic to your partner’s sperm. You could also have an infection. Women might suffer from a condition like vaginismus or endometriosis. A doctor will be able to help you identify and treat such problems. More mysterious conditions may require treatment by a specialized sex counselor, though.

  • There is no shame in visiting your doctor about sexual issues because sex is a normal part of human life and can be important to your health. Further, many issues that present as painful sex problems may also be health issues affecting the rest of your well-being.

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