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Feng Shui Your Bedroom To Spice Things Up!

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom To Spice Things Up!

The way your bedroom is set up may have a profound effect on your love life. Whether you are looking to attract a new lover, or you are in a relationship but you want to spice things up, it is never a bad time to Feng Shui your bedroom for love. You’ll want to arrange your bedroom to maximize the romantic element and make it more inviting and comfortable for both you and your partner. There are some basic things you can do to achieve this, like changing the position of the bed, making sure the room gives equal control and comfort to both partners, keeping the room clean, and using art and lighting that promotes sensual energy. Feng Shui is an art, but anyone can do it with a little practice.

Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

There are a few key things to consider when trying to Feng Shui your bedroom. First and foremost, you want to create an environtment in the room that promotes sensual energy and relaxation. A large part of that is up to your own personal tastes, but there are some easy things you can do to start off. Remember that your bedroom is not just a love nest, you also have to sleep there. Designing a balanced bedroom involves figuring out what makes it work for every purpose you have in mind.

Simplify With Feng Shui For Love

This is a big deal, because overcrowding your bedroom can really dampen the flow of energy and make it less comfortable. Many people like to have TVs, computers, and other things in their bedrooms, but doing so may hurt the Feng Shui of your room. Especially when it comes to sex and your relationship, you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. How many times have you reached for your phone or looked at the TV while you and your partner were doing the deed? Has the distraction of your electronic devices ever gotten in the way of having sex? This is sometimes a difficult step, especially for people with limited space, but if at all possible you should purge all unnecessary things from your bedroom. Get rid of the computer, TV, or anything else that creates a distraction or gets in the way.

Feng Shui Bedroom Balance

Both you and your partner should feel equal in the relationship. To start, you should make sure there is equal space on both sides of the bed. If one side is closer to the wall or does not have an end table, the person who sleeps on that side may feel less valued, which will hurt your chemistry. Put a bedside table on both sides of the bed, position it in the center of the wall it is against if possible, and make sure you can easily get to it from both sides. Whether your partner in the bedroom is a one-night-stand or a long term relationship, you want them to feel appreciated and comfortable, knowing that you are both equals in the bedroom and outside of it.

Feng Shui In The Bedroom Means Quality

The way your bed looks and feels is just as important to the Feng Shui of your bedroom as the positioning. Is your bed comfortable to lie on? Do the sheets fit properly, and do the colors match? If not, consider investing in a new mattress, bedding, or a bed frame to increase the comfort and energy flow of your bedroom. If you walk into your bedroom and you are filled with a feeling of ease, you’re doing it right. The bedroom should never be a place that inspires stress or discomfort. It should be a place that works just as well for having sex as it does for relaxing with your partner and sharing intimate emotional moments. Which leads us to our next tip…

Keep It Clean For Maximum Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Your bedroom will always look more appealing when it is clean. Make sure you don’t leave any messes lying around. Make the bed in the morning, put all your clothes away, and dust and vacuum regularly. Also, if you have any old reminders of past relationships, get rid of them. The last thing you want a new partner finding is your old lover’s undergarments or other possessions. Your bedroom is one of the most important places in your home (along with the bathroom and kitchen), and it says a lot about you and your lifestyle. A lover who enters your bedroom to find an organized room with positive sexual energy and no lingering messes – either from physical things or past relationships – will have much more confidence in you and the relationship moving forward.

Feng Shui Lighting In Your Bedroom

The light in your bedroom is extremely important when it comes to Feng Shui for love. During the day, open up the blinds and make sure the windows are clean, to allow more light in. You may want to consider having several different light sources at different levels in your bedroom so you can adjust the light based on the situation. Candles are an excellent choice, because they provide warm, intimate light, and set the mood for lovemaking. Scented candles are awesome, but it is even more important that your candles are completely toxin-free.

Sensual Feng Shui Art

It is a good idea to decorate your bedroom with art that you enjoy, and that encourages the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Think about the feelings and energy you want in your bedroom, and choose art accordingly. Some people like to use art that focuses on warm colors and happiness, while others choose more intentionally erotic art. Know that the art you choose will affect the energy and mood in the room. If you hang angry or moody art, those feelings will infect the people in the room. Instead, go for images of love, comfort and nourishment.

Finding The Perfect Balance With Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

Ultimately, everyone has different ideas of what sets the perfect mood in their bedroom. Take any advice you get about Feng Shui for your bedroom with a grain of salt, because what works for other people may not work for you. Experiment, and take it one step at a time. You may find that simply hanging one new painting or moving the bed three feet to the left makes a massive difference in your love life. Keep making small changes, and before long you will find the bedroom energy and atmosphere you want. Rearrange the bed and the other furniture, try new art and light fixtures, and practice daily habits to keep the room clean to allow positive energy to flow. There are many ways to improve your sex life, but finding the right arrangement and balance for your bedroom is one of the best.



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