Five Signs You Are Not Eating Enough Breakfast


Five Signs You Are Not Eating Enough Breakfast

May 10, 2015 //

Research indicates that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Statistics show that kids who miss out on breakfast are at greater risk for being tardy or absent from school. It’s the same scenario for adults; not eating breakfast can lead to absenteeism and more. Even if you are eating breakfast, it may not be enough to hold you over until lunch. Here are five signs that you may not be eating enough for breakfast.

1. Daytime Binging

Skipping breakfast and running out the door on empty is not a license to binge from noon until bedtime. If you are thinking of saving calories by avoiding breakfast, think again. The average person who skips breakfast is ravenous by lunchtime and famished by dinnertime, adding up more calories than they intend. Restricting calories at breakfast is not the answer. Do you raid the fridge right after work, and right before dinnertime? Um hum… Try eating a good breakfast and avoid the vicious cycle of daytime binging.

2. Late Night Cravings

Watching a late night talk show is okay, but avoid late night food cravings. People who dismiss breakfast have been known to crave unhealthy foods right after dinner. Salty, savory, and sweet junk food may be calling out your name, but avoid the temptation. TV commercials make food look enticing – no matter what time of the day. Eating at night also may promote weight gain since you are inactive and not burning calories. Chances are that if you are a late night snacker, you avoid breakfast. Begin your day with a substantial breakfast rich in protein. It may help to keep your blood sugar stabilized while preventing late night cravings.

3. You Crash

The day begins with your usual routine; get ready for work, the morning commute, and finally arriving at your desk. Since you had no time for breakfast, you run to the break room for a cup of hot coffee. Yum. The smell of the coffee is invigorating and motivating. Two hours later, you begin yawning and become disinterested in the presentation that is due by one o’clock. Since you procrastinated, there is no time for a coffee break or quick snack. You begin to tailspin rapidly and finally, crash. This is certainly not a good scenario, and one that could have been avoided if only you had a proper breakfast.

4. You Are A Monster

Irritability can be the result of a myriad of catalysts, but skipping or not eating enough breakfast has been known to create living monsters. Argh. Who, you? Yes, grumpy! Who wants to interact with someone who is irritable and moody? No one. If you skip breakfast, or begin your day with a sugary snack (a cream-filled donut), you leave yourself wide open to irritability, not to mention diabetes. Stop the madness. Eat a protein-rich breakfast that will enhance your mood and get your day off to a great start.

5. Inflammation 

The beginning sign of many ailments, inflammation is caused by lack of exercise, not eating right, and stress. Inflammation occurs when our body is trying to fight toxins and disease. Work with your body as if it is a machine that requires quality fuel to work. Eating breakfast can help reduce inflammation. A breakfast of steel cut oats topped with blackberries, for example, facilitates your body’s requirement for protein, vitamins and minerals.

Get into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast. Make breakfast meal plans the night before and have ingredients on hand. Steel cut oats, berries, yogurt, nuts, and seeds, are all great ways to begin your day. Another power breakfast is a hard-boiled egg with a whole-wheat piece of toast. Always pair a protein with a carbohydrate. Protein powder smoothies are also a good option. Add diced avocado, coconut oil, or nuts to your smoothie for an extra boost of healthy fat. Avoid over processed foods and steer towards organic fruits and proteins. Use an app on your phone to track calories, food, exercise, and your energy levels. As with any lifestyle and dietary change, consult with your medical professional before beginning any new routine.

If you just cannot handle breakfast, opt for mid-morning snacks that will energize and keep your metabolism moving. A handful of almonds or eight ounces of almond milk, along with a juicy red apple, will provide energy until lunchtime. Don’t rely on caffeine to propel your day. Everyone needs nutrition to live. After all, we are what we eat, and we all must eat.



Gina McKnight

Gina is an author, freelance writer, and equestrian from Ohio USA. Living with her family near Wayne National Forest, she is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for a healthy, organic lifestyle! She is a graduate of Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio; summa cum laude. Gina encourages her readers to eat healthy and to find a sport or hobby that keeps them moving!

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