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Four Fab Practices for Your Soul

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Four Fab Practices for Your Soul

It’s Wednesday, it’s Friday, it’s Monday. You’re tired. You wish for the weekends and the mundane wallops you like a ton of bricks, the must-do-this, have-to-do-that feeling overwhelming your life. You exercise, you feel good. Eat healthy, you feel better. Still, there’s something… missing.

It’s what we in the awakening world call soul. Purpose, passion.

It’s that connectedness with life where you know in the deepest depths of you you’re most vibrant and alive—that’s soul.

We workout our bodies, yes. We are super selective with what foods we choose to fuel and nourish ourselves. That’s all a wonderful start. What’s important, too, is nurturing that effervescence within us—the energy, purposefulness, the mmm that feels good sense of being within—that makes us so happy to be alive.

Want to unite not only body and mind, but also the soul? At Fitness Republic, we know rejuvenating your spirit is an essential element of health, yet rarely do so many care for themselves in the way that will truly bring vibrant health from the inside out. So we’re getting you started. Seven practices you can start today—the blissful you, happy you, healthy you.

Mind, body and, yes, soul.

1. Tuning Into You

Energy is a frequency of vibration. Feeling joy, contentment, pleasure, peace? Your channel is elevated, like tuning a radio to your favorite station—and one that feels blissfully electric, bringing happiness to your day. You can tune you. When you quiet and still yourself; perhaps a few deep breaths, perhaps a centering mantra or meditation, you connect with the essence of who are you are. It’s who you really are. You know, when you feel peace. When you wear a genuine smile on your face.

To tune yourself, just like a guitar: connect with what you’re feeling at any given moment. Allow yourself to feel that. Then, like turning the tuning strings of a guitar, choose an elevated frequency. That’s the true essence of you.

2. Making Physical And Mental Space

Clearing space provides you with mental clarity and, energetically, it allows for you to receive more—abundance, happiness, new opportunities, joy, time with family and friends, soulful moments, you name it. Clear your physical space and you will give yourself peace so you can connect in more frequently with that spiritual, soulful you.

To make space for more soul: choose a room in your home. If that feels overwhelming, start with one cupboard or a drawer. Allow yourself to connect with your truth. How will you feel when there’s more clarity? What would it be like to release items that clutter your physical space? Allow yourself to know that, and then give yourself the gift of clearing, organizing and letting go.

You may find once you clear space in one area, you’ll feel motivated to clear another! Soon your soul will be swooning, knowing you’re giving it space to nurture so you can live a life of clarity, filling physical, mental and energetic space with what you love.

3. Meditating

To clear your mental space, make time for meditation. Three deep breaths can transport you; give yourself five minutes and you’ll begin to connect with that soulful essence, the truest you. Meditation doesn’t have to be hard. It can be seated or laying down, softening your body and connecting with your breath. When you close down your eyes, you allow yourself to connect with what’s within—the soul, your spirit, you.

For those with an active spirit, mindfulness meditation may be for you. Allow yourself to know and experience all of your senses – be present to the steam rising from your coffee and savor every drop of it. Go for a walk and watch the way the sun reflects from a high-rise onto a bustling city street below, and listen to the conversations, the sound of traffic—life moving through the city—as you’re present to every moment.

Mindfulness meditation, as well as presence in a stilled meditation, can energize you, physically, with every cell in your body, to the vibrancy of life. This presence and nurturing of spirit builds, rejuvenates and restores the muscles of the soul.

4. Putting Pen To Page

Your fingertips, tap-tap-tapping letters into your smartphone, clicking on the keyboard or (our favorite) the smooth, rhythmic motion of pen to page. There’s a consciousness to it- an energy in the words, and that therapeutic feeling of connecting with you, on paper.

When we write, we connect with our knowing within. We become aware as we write, noticing a new feeling, or receiving clarity on something that—while in the brain—felt so tricky to tackle. It doesn’t have to feel that way, and writing, whether journaling or drafting a story or article, can help.

For a soulful workout of pen to page: choose your favorite pen and notepad. Turn off your electronics and set a timer (those round, old school kitchen timers are the best; if your phone is your only option, honor your soul by setting the timer, and then placing the phone aside). Then, simply, write.

Write for 5 minutes without judgment, letting go of the need to edit or clarify. You’ll find gold as you go, your subconscious mind at work on behalf of your soul. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar; just write. At the end of 5 minutes, you’ll feel relief, clarity, connectedness; the workout of writing a language of the soul.

Just as with physical exercise, you’ll get stronger as you go. Each of these soul practices build the muscles of soulfulness, spirit and a deeper happiness in life! Start small and grow. Your soul is asking for nourishment—and with each choice to support your spirit, you can add in even a few minutes daily. Workout your soul for your most vibrant you and it’ll work wonders in your life!

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