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Four Things That are Aging Your Skin

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Four Things That are Aging Your Skin

Have you ever noticed an older person’s wrinkles and wished that you would never get any yourself? That’s pretty common, and, while wrinkles are unavoidable, it is possible to delay and minimize them as much as possible.

The trick is that you have to start early! It’s important that you learn now about things that damage your skin so that you can be sure that you don’t prematurely age your skin. Along with avoiding damaging things, you also must learn how to care for your skin properly during all stages of life.

Whether you’re 15 or 50, start learning about aging skin care to be sure that you maintain a healthy glow all throughout your life. 

Check out these four things that are aging your skin and take precautions today:

1. Lots Of Unprotected Time Outside

Even on a cloudy day, you need to be wearing sunscreen. Although most people don’t realize it, UV rays (which can cause skin to burn, tan, and develop diseases) are present regardless of how sunny it is outside. Whenever you spend time outdoors, you are getting exposed to UV rays.

Before you decide to hide inside forever, though, it’s important to note that you do need some exposure to the outdoors. There a ton of benefits to being outside, not limited to but definitely including the fact that you get a lot of vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is essential for your bone and blood health, as well as your immune system.

So, get outside. Just use protection when you do. Always wear an effective sunscreen (even when it’s not sunny) and protect your eyes with sunglasses when possible.

2. Neglecting Everything But Your Face

Most people are aware of skin care when it comes to their face. Your face is the place where your skin is most exposed to yourself and to others, so you want it to look and feel great. The trouble is, taking care of just the skin on your face isn’t enough to combat wrinkles and aging.

Popular remedies for aging skin targets more than faces for a reason: the skin on the rest of your body ages too! You might not feel that the skin on your stomach and hands matters now, but it will when wrinkles are showing up everywhere in due time.

Learn how to take care of the skin on your whole body. For instance, you should:

  • Moisturize everywhere
  • Use extra and special skin care products on your feet and other rough patches of skin
  • If your skin starts cracking or you have dead layers, take care to remove the excess properly
  • Keep track of warts and acne wherever and whenever they come up
  • Hydrate your skin (but not too much)

3. Your Bed –In More Ways Than One

Most people assume their beds are safe and healthy zones as long as they wash the linens every once in a while. Your skin knows better. There are several ways in which the time you spend in bed may be aging your skin prematurely.

  • Your Linens

What catches all the dead skin that peels off of you at night? Your linens. What soaks up sweat and gets covered in hair, drool, and so much more? Your linens. If you sleep with your bare skin against your linens and the sheets aren’t cleaned often…well, you get the picture.

  • Your Pillows

A lot like your linens, your pillowcases get to catch a lot of gunk. But it’s not just your pillowcase. Your pillow can harbor dead skin, fleas, body fluids and sweat, and much more. Ever notice how pillows turn kind of yellow after extensive use? Most pillows are pretty cheap, so switch them out every so often to protect your skin.

  • Your Sleeping Positions

When you wake up and find lines imprinted on your face from sleeping hard on a wrinkled surface, that affects your skin. Sleeping on your side, face down, or in an awkward position can also cause your skin to chafe against the linens and even hold your skin in pinched positions. As a result –you guessed it-wrinkles. Try to sleep on your back only.

4. Habits You Know You Should Break

Maybe this goes without saying, but there are some bad habits that seriously affect how well your skin ages. Don’t assume that just because these bad habits aren’t causing problems now that they won’t in the future.

Be sure that you avoid:

  • Wearing makeup to bed
  • Going to bed without washing your face first
  • Switching skin products constantly
  • Frowning consistently
  • Furrowing your brows or making other skin-wrinkling faces a lot
  • Picking at zits or any skin lesions
  • Tearing open scars as they heal
  • Smoking and consuming drugs (a big side effect of most is premature aging of the skin)

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