How to Lose Face Fat


How to Lose Face Fat

Sep 26, 2012 //

No More Face Fat!

Chubby cheeks are cute, but if you’ve had them for most of your life you’ll agree that the desire to get rid of the extra fat overtakes the cuteness of the chubby look as you get older. The solution to your question of ‘how to lose face fat’ lies in a two pronged approach: losing overall body weight by taking care of your dietary habits, and regularly practicing facial exercises especially designed to reduce facial fat. With these two rules under your belt, you’ll be able to notice the transformation overtime when you look at your reflection in the mirror. So if prominent cheekbones and a well-defined face is what you’re aiming for, here’s a list of golden rules detailing how to lose face fat:

The Dietary Way # 1

Drinking booze can lead to facial bloating. Cut down on your alcohol intake and aim to eliminate it from your diet completely.

The Dietary Way # 2

Increase your intake of water. When your body does not have an adequate internal store of water it tries to hold on to whatever moisture is available for utilization. This leads to puffiness and swelling of the face, hands and feet.

The Dietary Way # 3

Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods not only function as an alternate source of water, but also fill you up and control your body weight. Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the chance of you gorging on fatty, calorie rich foods.

The Dietary Way # 4

Cut down on your salt intake. Salt causes fluid retention in the body which results in facial bloating. Alternatively, you should work on increasing your consumption of calcium-rich foods. Calcium containing foods reduce water retention and lessen facial bloating and puffiness.

The Exercise Way # 5

The easiest route to reducing face fat is by smiling. That’s right! Smiling works your facial muscles and helps to reduce the chubbiness of your cheeks. Smile with your teeth exposed and follow that up with a close-lipped smile. Repeat this sequence several times a day.

The Exercise Way # 6

Losing overall body weight is one of the most successful ways of diminishing facial fat. Take up running, yoga, aerobics, or join a local gym. Regardless of whatever your preferred mode of weight loss may be, don’t forget to include a few strength training workouts every now and then. This will maintain the firmness of your skin, and prevent it from sagging when you start losing weight.

The Exercise Way # 7

A double chin is quite a distressing facial feature to have. The following exercise is designed to eliminate this store of excess face fat: curl the bottom lip over the bottom teeth. Keep the bottom lip in place as you open your mouth as wide as you can. Move your lower jaw up and down. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes daily.


Whether it’s a chronic case of chubby cheeks, double chin or jowls on the neck, face fat in all its forms is a detested facial feature. The question of ‘how to lose face fat’ is really not that baffling. All it takes is seven simple guidelines to help you achieve the fat free face that you’ve always wanted.

Alice Toyonaga

Alice Toyonaga, also known as ChatterRunGirl, is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and avid goal-setter. She has spent the last 9 years of her life redefining her definitions of physical and mental health, genuine happiness, and appreciation and gratitude for a fit and strong body. Alice’s goal is to integrate yoga and running and work with all levels of athletes to improve their performance and keep them healthy in their bodies.

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