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How Yoga Helps You In Love Life

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How Yoga Helps You In Love Life

There are tons of excellent reasons to start practicing yoga. It can improve your health, reduce pain and stress, and prevent certain diseases. What you might not know is that yoga can also improve your love life. Having sex is a skill, and the more fit you are, the better you’ll be at it, in many cases. One of the best ways to develop fitness for sex is to practice yoga. There are many reasons for this, but these are the top six:

Feel Confident

When you practice yoga regularly, you’ll become healthier and stronger. As you develop your flexibility and technique, you’ll grow more confident in your body and movement. That confidence will carry over into your love life, both in and out of bed. A lack of confidence is one of the biggest causes of poor sex. If you feel confident, your partner will notice, and that confidence makes you sexy. Remember that your partner chose you for a reason. He or she finds you attractive, no matter what you think about yourself. Knowing that, and being in tune with your body through yoga, should give you the confidence you need. Do yoga to stay confident and rock it in the bedroom.

Energetic Lovemaking

If you’re sleep deprived, your energy levels and your libido will be lower. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will help you sleep better every night, which means you’ll have more energy when you’re awake. That way you won’t doze off during sex, or fall asleep before you even start. Seriously, not having enough energy prevents sex from being as awesome as it should be. There’s nothing worse than losing interest halfway through sex and letting the whole situation deflate. When you practice yoga, you’ll sleep deeply and soundly, and you’ll always have enough energy for another romp in the sheets.

Get To Know Your Body

When you practice yoga, you become more aware of the sensations and motions of your body. You’ll learn its abilities and its limits, and you become more in tune with its natural rhythms. While doing yoga, you focus completely on your body and your movements, cutting out distractions. With training, you can apply that same focus to lovemaking. You’ll be more present in the moment, and everything will feel so much better for both you and your partner. Not only will you have a better idea of what feels good, you’ll also know your limits so you’re less likely to hurt yourself or your partner.

Be Vulnerable

Yoga often requires you to adopt uncomfortable or compromising physical conditions. Being okay with this vulnerability will help you get comfortable with your partner. After all, you’re at your most vulnerable, physically and emotionally, when you’re having sex. By accepting that vulnerability and embracing it, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more. That comfort will come across to your partner, who will in turn let their guard down and embrace the moment.

Extraordinary Orgasms

Some yoga poses increase blood flow to the pelvic region, so your genitals will be more sensitive than ever. Combine that will superior performance in bed, and you’ll be in for the orgasm of your life. Most of us live sedentary lifestyles that involve sitting a lot. One consequence of that is that we restrict blood flow to our privates, which desensitises them over time. Just being active at all will help reverse this problem, but there are many yoga moves which open up the hips and increase blood flow dramatically, helping you achieve a superior orgasm.

Endurance, Baby

Yoga requires patience, and lots of it. Not only will practicing yoga make you stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed, it will also increase your stamina and endurance. When you adopt a yoga state of mind during sex, you’ll have the ability and desire to keep it going longer for a more satisfying finish (for both you and your partner). You’ll be having long, quality sessions between the sheets that leave both of you feeling exhausted and satisfied. To all the men reading this: if you finish before your woman partner, you’re going too fast. Slow down and enjoy yourself, and help her reach climax before you do. Practicing yoga will help you work on your patience and endurance, and make you a better lover overall.



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