Keys to Help You Create a Spiritual Partnership


Keys to Help You Create a Spiritual Partnership

Feb 24, 2015 //

Spiritual partnership is a partnership between two equals
for the purpose of spiritual growth. And by equals, I mean your souls feel
balanced and aligned. You’re both in agreement that you’re together to support
each other’s spiritual growth – that’s the over-arching purpose of your time

You also agree to stay together as long as you grow
together. Even if this means sharing thoughts that have the power to end the
relationship, because expressing your truth is the priority. And because a spiritual
partnership is specifically designed to help your soul evolve – plan on buttons
getting pressed!

Which is why this partnership comes with a warning label.

The most frightened aspects of yourself will be activated. It
can be hard –even painful – in the beginning of this kind of partnership
because so many “issues in your tissues” are getting kicked up. And it’s
confusing. So much is stirring up; you may start to believe you’re not with the
right person.

So how can you best prepare for this type of relationship?

After 14 years of supporting clients with creating highly
conscious relationships, I’ve observed five key elements that will support you
with both more easily attracting this type of relationship and also upgrading
your current relationship.

1. Know Your Own Power

If you’re ready to attract a highly conscious relationship,
then make sure you are not looking for someone to give you power you don’t believe
you can activate on your own. Otherwise, you risk attracting someone who will
rely on you to do the same for them. For example, it’s not your partner’s job
to make you happy – only happier. Your goal is to BE the vibrational match of
what you seek in another.

2. Sex is Not the Main Event

If you feel an intense sexual attraction to someone, I
recommend to run in the other direction. Why? Because even though spiritual
partners can feel sexually attracted to each other, it doesn’t dominate your
connection – even in the beginning. In a spiritual partnership, sexual
attraction can be there – but it’s not the main reason you are together.

3. Take Personal Responsibility

Expressing your truth is not about blaming each other; it’s
about observing the finger you are pointing at them and paying attention to the
other fingers pointing back at you. It’s about lovingly supporting each other
and having honest, conscious conversations as you each heal your own wounds
that have been with you long before you met.

4. Remember Your Intention

When the going gets tough, don’t get going. Instead, remember
that the purpose of your time together is for your soul to evolve. When buttons
are pressed, always come back to the terms and agreement you decided on in the
beginning, which is staying together as long as you grow together.

5. A Sense of Balance

As I mentioned earlier, your souls should feel balanced and
aligned. You’ll know you’re not in a spiritual partnership when you feel either
superior or inferior when you’re with this person. This means when the
frightened aspect of your personality is activated – you become either very
domineering or a scared little boy or girl not in your power at all.

Kim Sarrasin

The Queen of Hearts is North Americas most sought after relationship expert. With over 50,000 fans & followers and a 97% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate, Kim has a long list of happy clients. Kim is regularly featured as an expert on national television and both online and print magazines. To connect with Kim and receive your FREE copy of “21 Things to Know About Men”, visit

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