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Lifestyle Changes For Men And Women In Their 30’s

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Lifestyle Changes For Men And Women In Their 30’s

So the time has come – you’re officially 30! Now that you have reached a new decade in life, your mind has shifted and your body is transforming. When you reach this stage you have to learn that some of the things you did in your teens and 20’s are no longer the best option for you anymore. To help you make a smooth transition, here are 15¬†changes that you can make that will keep you in excellent condition for decades to come!

1. Accept It

First thing’s first – accept that you are turning 30. We all know someone or have a friend that was nervous about the big 3-0 or is currently freaking out about their transition into a new decade. It’s okay – be proud that you made it this far! But also be prepared and understand that there are certain changes that your mind and body will endure as a result. It’s perfectly natural, don’t panic.

2. Fix Your Food Choices

If you haven’t started already, this is the perfect time to start working on eating healthier! Your 20s are usually prime-time college years meaning that your diet consisted of junk food and possibly booze for a few years – it’s time to cut that out! There’s nothing wrong with a burger or a beer here or there, but your body isn’t going to handle these things the same way it did when you were twenty. Make it a habit to purchase more fruits and vegetables, and you can never go wrong with water! Your body will thank you later!

3. Synchronize Your Sleep

Teenagers and twenty-somethings are notorious for waking up late and staying up all night. This practice isn’t good for any age, but once you enter thirty, it is time to settle into a sleep schedule. This is especially beneficial is you have children – you need all the sleep you can get! Proper sleep etiquette not only gives you the energy to face your day, but it also can really aid in your overall health, helping to improve cardiovascular, skin, and even mental health!

4. Don’t Ditch The Doctor

Speaking of health, another way to have a great third decade is to regularly visit the doctor! When we are younger we tend to have this idea that we are invincible and that nothing will happen to us, so we opt to skip out on regular check-ups. As we get older, no matter what age we are, finding a doctor and scheduling regular check-ups can be a life-saver – literally! Regularly going to the doctor helps to keep you up-to-date with the current state of your health and catch certain ailments before they can do damage to your body.

5. Don’t Forget The Dentist

Normally when people think of going to the doctor, they forget that dentists are doctors too! Not only that, but people forget that their teeth are also a vital part of their bodies also. Your teeth can have a major impact on your health, so it is important that you make sure you keep tabs on your oral health as well.

6. Kick Bad Habits

Smoking, drinking, and various other habits are easily picked up in our teens and twenties. But as we get older it becomes more and more important to eliminate these bad habits that aren’t good for us. Just imagine how your body would be able to heal itself and regroup if you would just abandon these habits and embrace a healthier attitude and lifestyle? Combine that with regular doctor visits and healthy eating – you’re good to go!

7. Get Active

Another great way to keep your body in shape as you get older to stay active! Not implying that you have to go out and buy a gym membership – even doing simple things to get your heart pumping will suffice. Walk the dog, take a walk in the park, look up some workout videos online – anything to get your body moving will help!

8. Examine Your Relationships

When you were younger it was normal to have friends who were temporary or just weren’t real. But once you hit 30, it’s time that you learned who was truly on your side! It’s time out for temporary relationships that only thrive on gossip, partying, and alcohol. Find the friends who stimulate you, make you think, and make you enjoy life and want to live it to the fullest!

9. Start Strength Training

If you never were an active person before, general exercise is a must; however, whether you are new or have always been active, strength training is something that you should start implementing in your workout. Why? Your metabolism begins to slow in your 30s! Implementing strength training in your workouts will help to get your metabolism revved up and help you lose some weight!

10. Start Saving

Although you could have started doing this in your twenties, your thirties are the prime time for you to start thinking about the future and your family! Being mindful of saving money for your children and for certain surprises that could come up anytime in life. It is important to have a safety net and something to have prepared for your children.

11. Protect Your Skin

At any age, it’s important to protect your skin but it would be wise to take this new decade of life and make it a practice to pamper your skin. Simple things like applying sunscreen, drinking plenty of water, and wearing a hat when you go out in the sun will do wonders for your skin!

12. Don’t Procrastinate

Now that you’re thirty I’m sure you’re taking time to reflect back on your former years and pay attention to all the things you did or didn’t do. Take this chance to enjoy yourself by marking some of those activities or goals off of your “To do” list! Take that trip, go skydiving, eat that food – whatever it may be, live it up so you won’t have to live with regret later!

13. Stimulate Your Mind

This is another year of your life to take the world in! Read more books, take a class, meet new people, or even play more games. Keep your mind on its toes and experience new people and things. This is add value to your life and give you memories to hold on to for years to come!

14. Follow Your Dreams

Everyone has a number of things that they are passionate about – why not explore those things and pursue them? I don’t mean that you should go out and randomly quit your day job, but maybe try to make time for the things you love, rather than love to hate. You’ll be much happier in the long run!

15. Embrace It

Lastly, embrace your new stage of life! Yeah you’re thirty – so what?! That’s not a death sentence! Be thankful that you made it to your thirtieth year and that you’re still able to enjoy it – not everyone can say that. So go out and celebrate life!

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