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Simple Mirror Mantras to Help you Feel Great Naked!

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Simple Mirror Mantras to Help you Feel Great Naked!

Did you know? Your body responds to the way you talk to it—yes, it’s true! Check out this wicked experiment Danielle Laporte did with an apple; the same is true for your body. You’ve got to treat it with sweet, loving care so you nurture it, help it flourish, and help yourself feel great, too.

We know. Sometimes it can be hard, especially when you’re baring it all. There’s genetic imprinting, what we’ve learned in society—too fat, too thin, too curvy, not curvaceous enough. All of that defies the truth. The truth is: you are beautifully, perfectly, you.

You were created the way you are, for a reason. Yes, we workout to feel fantastic, doing the exercises that lift our mood, that tone, tighten and trim—still, it’s important we infuse all of that with the essence of love.

We can do that with mantras, a powerful way to bring loving care to your bod so you feel hot when it’s just you—no clothes, no makeup, just that naked self, you. Mantras are a group of sounds or words that have psychological and spiritual healing effects. They originated with Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, but can be useful for everyone, in every language.

You can feel great in your skin, even while in the nude, and really can learn to love your body, too. Here are some simple mirror mantras that will make you love your luscious bod!

Mantra #1: I Choose Love

Oh, love. It’s the positive emotional state that creates harmony and coherence in your heart rhythms and increases balance in the nervous system. according to the HeartMath Institute. As you look in the mirror, allow yourself to choose a mantra that’s loving and kind. Literally, look in the mirror, really see yourself, and say, “I Choose Love,” to yourself and your body.

When you let yourself feel it, you’ll bring your heart into balance, restoring the positivity and truth about your fine self: your body is perfect just the way it is.

Mantra #2: You’re Smokin’ Hot, {Body Part}

To get into a better mood about your body, focus on the areas you feel look good. Do you love the curve at the nape of your neck, or the way your hips give you some extra sway? Maybe you’ve got a robust bustline or a strong, sexy set of legs.

Tell yourself, “You’re Smokin’ Hot, {Body Part}.” When you focus on the features you love about yourself, you’re bringing in the important element of gratitude, which makes it easier to be appreciative of your body. Say it with sizzle and let yourself feel it… it is okay to get your love on.

Mantra #3: I Love You, No Matter What

What about the parts we don’t love? Let yourself look in the mirror, and see them. Don’t judge. Be present with your body—all the aspects of your body—and sure, find one that you don’t feel so great about. Notice the thoughts that enter your mind. Are they loving? Being aware of our thoughts allows us to shift them, to choose thoughts that better serve us.

If your thoughts aren’t loving, can you choose ones that are? Give yourself that gift. Then look square at that body part—you can touch it, hold it, whatever feels right—and say to yourself, and that part of you, “I Love You, No Matter What.” You’ll feel a weight lift. There’s an energy in love; let yourself feel it.

Mantra #4: I Have a Rich, Full Life

Your body is that beautiful skin that’s carried you to exactly where you are now. Maybe you’ve had children, knee surgery or an injury that set you back—that’s okay. Every scar and struggle, every perceptive part of your body you may not love has brought you to where you are now. It’s time to truly appreciate that.

Everything your body has done, or not done, has helped you achieve your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they might be. It has helped you love and be loved, and experience all the incredible in your life! Even if you’ve been indulgent at times, be thankful for that. Having your body is what makes life rich and enjoyable.

Mantra #5: I’m Grateful for You

Talk to your body. Like the apple test, your body, and the 70 trillion cells within it, respond to loving, caring, truthful words that are spoken from the heart. Your body is there for you so you can enjoy this amazing life—so thank it!

It will thank you right back, and bring you into the full awareness of being present with, caring for, and listening to your body. When you get real with, and really start to be thankful for that bod you’ve got—you really will feel hotter than ever before. Because it’s true—there’s a love in there, and that’s one of the sexiest things you’ve got!

It is possible to re-write the stories in your brain to be more loving and kind. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to re-wire itself, and the best thing is, you get to choose!

When you start to use these mantras, you can own the wholeness of your body, loving it unconditionally and creating the loving space to care for, and nourish it, in a way that feels really good.

When you start to truly become comfortable and confident in your own skin, life becomes pretty freaking fantastic. Campaigns like that of Dove, on self-love and beauty, identify the importance of starting to feel great about yourself—and help you see your beauty, too.

Nurturing your body with mantras while nude in the mirror, no matter how odd it may feel at first, can bring you into better relationship with that one thing you’ll be with your whole life—you, and your body. So love the skin you’re in!

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