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Shower Sex Tips You Need To Try

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Shower Sex Tips You Need To Try

The same shower you use every day to clean your body can be transformed into a romantic, sexually charged getaway for you and your partner with a few easy tips. Here are eight shower sex tips to create the perfect private oasis right in your own bathroom. You’ll never look at your shower the same way again.

1. Prep Your Space

Don’t hop in just yet. Creating the perfect atmosphere for sex in the shower takes a little preparation. You also don’t want to be running around the house naked (especially if you have kids or a roommate) so before you engage your partner, make sure the scene is set properly. See that there are two towels or robes handy. If this goes as planned, the two of you may want to adjourn to the bedroom after your shower for two. The key here is to create an environment conducive to spontaneity and romance. The last thing you want is to be stumbling around looking for things.

2. Master Bath, Master Plan

With all the lights on, first clean your shower area. Clear out the bath toys and empty shampoo bottles as much as you can to transform this family-style bathroom into an adults-only retreat. Consider sending the kids off to grandma’s house for the evening so that your shower escapade can play out with some privacy.

3. Create an Oasis

Once the bathroom has been cleaned and cleared of all clutter, you can begin to create your oasis. If you have nice towels you’ve been saving, now would be a great time to break them in. You can also invest in two bath sheets which may seem too large for everyday use but can be a touch of luxury for times like these. Fold them hotel-style and place them within easy reach of the shower. The feel you’re going for is luxurious and spa-like. Remember, the point of all this is to create the ultimate relaxation experience for the two of you.

4. Candles

To further set the mood, strategically place a few candles around the area. Choose candles with a soft and romantic scent like spice or vanilla. Placing the candles in view of the bathroom mirror will create the look of multiple candles and create soft and flattering light for the two of you. Combined with the steam of the shower, soft candlelight is very romantic.

5. Soaps, Oils and Lotions

Gather your favorite scented soaps and lay them out. If you have bath and body oils or luxurious body creams and lotions, place them within easy reach also. Since the atmosphere is one of sensuality and pleasure, now is the perfect time to pamper yourself and your partner. Remember, this won’t be a shower where you run in, soap up, rinse off and run out. This is supposed to be indulgent and relaxed. Encourage your partner to wash you with your favorite soap, and do the same for him. Have a loofah ready or a shower pouf so that you can take turns scrubbing each other’s backs.

6. Massage

After your bodies are all scrubbed clean, offer to massage your partner’s neck and shoulders (or any other body parts!) for an extra touch of sensuality. The heat from the shower mixed with the relaxing properties of essential oils will really send your senses into a trance. Take this opportunity to show your partner just how much you care for them with this extra step.

7. Music

The right music can totally set the feeling and mood for any scene. This is especially true for romance and sexuality. Pick tunes that will provide a soft and sensory soundtrack for this special encounter and have them playing in the background. Make a playlist or choose a station without annoying commercial breaks. This setting is best without unnecessary distractions.

8. Shower Play

If you find yourself struggling with shower sex, you’re not alone. Many couples, for a variety of reasons, have trouble matching up in the shower, and that’s okay. You can still create a sexy and fun environment in the bathroom and simply use the shower for foreplay. This is an excellent opportunity for pleasing and arousing your partner orally, for example. Relax and enjoy each other like only you know how!

The steam of the hot shower and being naked together is usually all it takes to get things started for a romantic encounter. Let yourself enjoy this time with your partner in a multitude of ways. The atmosphere you create and the time you invest in preparation will show your partner how much you care about them, and that is what romance is all about!



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