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Six Essential Things to do Before Breakfast

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Six Essential Things to do Before Breakfast

Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello!

The way you wake up sets a tone for the rest of the day. Waking up “on the wrong side of the bed” can spell disaster for you and everyone around you all day long. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to make sure day awesome with a superpowered morning. Here’s how:

1. Wake Up Early

People who wake up earlier are happier and more productive. Skeptical? I was too, until I started waking up early myself. In a purely practical sense, waking up early gives you more time to prepare for the day. You can take your time and relax, so you don’t end up rushing out the door, late for work and stressed out.

2. Collect Your Thoughts

Instead of rushing around getting ready, take a moment in the morning to just be. Whether that means meditating or simply drinking a cup of coffee and reflecting on the day to come is up to you. The important thing is to be still and relax. This will help keep you focused and stress-free throughout the day.

3. Read A Book

If you’re not a reader, you should be. Reading keeps your brain sharp, and it may even be able to stave off Alzheimer’s. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity for personal growth. Reading helps you develop new interests and become more empathetic. Not to mention the fact that reading is incredibly relaxing, which is just what you need early in the morning.

4. Exercise

Nothing gets your energy levels up quite like exercising. Even if it’s not a full on workout, you should consider doing some quick exercises in the morning to get your blood pumping and your mind sharp. Plan to do some stretches and exercises each morning sometime before breakfast and you’ll feel fantastic all day long.

5. Organize Your Life

Being cluttered and unorganized can make you frazzled and stressed. Every morning I like to take stock of both my living space and my schedule to clean up any messes and get organized. Clean any dirty dishes, make the bed, and make a to-do list for the day. Don’t leave any messes at home that will just be waiting for you when you come back. That way you can know you’ll be coming home to a clean space, and all you have to do is kick back and unwind.

6. Actually Make Breakfast

It is absolutely true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip breakfast or grab something quick and cheap, you may actually end up overeating throughout the day to compensate without even realizing it. Plus, without the energy boost from a healthy breakfast, you’ll be irritable and less productive. Take the time to make a full and nutritious breakfast, and sit down to savor it.



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