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Spice Up Your Sex Life with These Techniques

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Spice Up Your Sex Life with These Techniques

Don’t wait until your sex life gets boring or neither you nor your partner are even interested in getting intimate. Try to spice up your relationship now. A little excitement will keep your relationship thriving.

Check out these six ways to spice up your sex life for fun, but effective, techniques that will make getting intimate more memorable and pleasurable for you and your partner.

Make the Bedroom More Conducive

As your primary area for intimacy, your bedroom can be set up to be more conducive to good sex. The more comfortable and romantic your bedroom, the easier it is to get into the mood and really enjoy intimacy.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to spice up your bedroom that are quite simple. From installing a dimmer switch in the lighting system to putting silkier sheets on the bed, your ideas to spice up the bedroom will largely depend on your and your partner’s personal taste.

Light a Candle

One major component of setting the mood is getting the lighting and the scent right. Candles are a great way to get both lighting and aroma spiced up. Scents like pumpkin pie, lavender, licorice, and cucumber are well known for increasing blood flow, including blood flow to the vagina, which helps make sex more stimulating.

Pick a scented candle for your room or snack on one of the good-smelling foods listed before you head to the bedroom. Turn down the lights and enjoy the effects of simple biology.

Prep Yourself First

Some people are stimulated by fresh clean scents and tastes, while others enjoy sweat and the natural odor of the body. Talk to your partner to work out who enjoys what more. Be sure to ask about:

  • Hair- to shave or not to shave?
  • Smell- deodorant, perfume, lotion, or none?
  • Cleanliness- recently showered, sweaty from a run?
  • Oral Hygiene- teeth brushed or who cares?
  • Clothing- dressed to undress or naked from the start?

Prepare yourself accordingly. Not only will a shower or a little sweat (depending on your preferences!) make sex more enjoyable, but making the effort helps to make it clear that you care about having good sex. That’s generally a major turn on!

Spend Time Together First

Anyone giving good relationship advice can tell you that sex is best when it’s emotional, mental, and relational. Intimacy is much more than physical. So, if you want to stimulate each other and get aroused, spend time together. Try:

  • Going for a walk –fitness helps get endorphins flowing
  • Cuddling– touching non-sexually can lead to sexual touching
  • Dancing– fitness that can be romantic
  • Laughing– brings you closer and gets you feeling happy and relaxed
  • Talking Lovingly– makes you feel a connection that you’ll want to act on

Make it a point when you are hoping to have sex to spend time together first. Or afterwards, but know that you may be heading right back to the bedroom!

Focus on Your Breathing

You do it all day every day and it doesn’t feel sexy. Controlled breathing is well-known as a tool for making meditation and exercise more effective, and sex is definitely a form of exercise. As a result, how you breathe can actually affect how enjoyable your sex is.

There are a lot of ways to spice up your sex life through breathing techniques. From trying certain breathing and meditative exercises before you get intimate to trying to breathe in rhythm with your partner, controlled breathing can be sexy.

Just be sure that your breathing focuses largely on relaxation since being relaxed physically makes sex more pleasurable.

Take It Slow

Sex is often something people look forward to and rush into when they have the chance. For better sex or a more exciting experience, trying slowing it down. Take your time by:

  • Undressing each other one article of clothing at a time
  • Trading massages first, especially with oils or lotions
  • Lots of foreplay
  • Getting intimate to slow music
  • Talking through sex

Taking it slow when having sex piques a sense of anticipation, getting you aroused so that your body has time to put all of its energy, effort, and attention into the act of having sex. With your mind and emotions fully engaged, slow-paced sex is often tantalizing and very fulfilling.

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