Spring De-clutter, De-tox and De-Stress


Spring De-clutter, De-tox and De-Stress

Apr 17, 2015 //

With spring here, there's a cleanse that can take place in all areas of your life! Here are three techniques to cleanse the clutter, toxins and stress from your life:


The less clutter in your life, the more room for abundance to come to you.  It is proven that physical clutter has an impact on mental health. So get organized and feel great!

Eliminate the unnecessary stresses created by clutter in your home and your physical environment. Do you get mad at your underwear drawer every morning as you fight to close it? Take 10 minutes and organize it! Start with little projects, like the baseball hat that has been on the back seat of your car for 2 years. Then take a couple hours and clean up your filing cabinet or your closet. One box to give away, one box to recycle, one box to keep (it must be really important to you), one box that you are not sure about (don’t let some items slow you down, if you are not sure, don’t think forever; put them in a Not-Sure box). Once you start, you will be pleased to realize how easy it is and that, more likely, most things are going straight to the give away and recycling piles.

If you have a hard time getting rid of something, there is an unconscious reason for it. Maybe it is very important to you like an irreplaceable old photo album, or it is just a suit that you wore at a special occasion. More than likely, the suit can go. You still have the full memory of the past occasion in your head. You don't need the suit to remind you how amazing you felt that day. Put the suit on and take a picture of yourself in it if you want and then get rid of the suit! Unless you let go of the suit, there will not be room for another great occasion to come. Let go of the past by letting go of the ''stuff'' that keeps you there. Your life is happening now and will happen in the future. Your life doesn't happen in the past, or in the ''stuff'.'


As there are lots of articles about nutrition detox, I will address something else here in this detox section: toxic friends.

How do you know if you have someone toxic in your life? Do you feel drained after talking to someone or spending time with someone? Are there people that seem to always call you when something is wrong and when they need you – and only then? Are there people giving you wrong advice that is disguised because they have their own agenda? Do you feel some friends are not supportive of your decisions? Are you keeping things behind their back because you think they would not “understand”? (If they were your friends, they would “understand”). Would you have ordered a salad if they had not talked you into a burger and fries because they don’t want to be alone ordering the “trash-your-body-kind-of-food"? Are their values totally opposite to yours? Do you feel angry every time you spend time with them? Do you feel like everything becomes a competition all the time? They bring you donuts even though you are watching what you eat…

Let your phone ring. Slow down your email response. Politely decline invitations to hang out. Notice if you feel better when seeing less of them… There is nothing wrong with being too busy to spend your precious time with a draining relationship.  Life is too short! Get rid of toxic friends!


Recognize the difference between external pressure and stress. External pressure is what is generated by events around you. It can be abnormal workload, a sick family member, a child in need, or a mix of many small things all happening at once that creates an overwhelming feeling. External pressure is there and is external to us.

Stress is what we create inside our body in response to the external pressure. As we choose to respond negatively to the external pressure, we generate stress inside our body.

We can choose to be affected or not. Our attitude facing what we call external pressure can easily turn into opportunities to grow. Be grateful that life keeps making sure you grow and get stronger and braver. See the situation with different eyes. In the busy world we live in, it’s often that we hear: I’m so busy, I don’t have time, life is so hectic. Have you ever thought about the fact that you might be able to simplify it a bit? Is everything a priority? If so, for whom is it the priority? What is important to you? What are you going to choose to do with your precious time? See if you can simplify everything that you do. Accept that it can be ‘good enough.’ What can you delegate to someone else? Hire people to do things you are not good at. It creates employment! Focus on what you are good at and on your talents. Do more of what you enjoy! Live a simple life and enjoy life without stress.

If you feel that you get stressed anyways, then use mechanisms like relaxation techniques, yoga, Tai Chi and exercise to get rid of the built-up stress. These will allow you to free yourself from stress by releasing great "feel good" chemicals in your brain. The external pressure will still be there, but the stress will be gone. Giving a blank page and allowing you to choose how you want to react the next time you face the external pressure is just like giving yourself a second chance.

So have a happy spring season taking the time to de-clutter your environment, get rid of toxic people in your life and respond to external pressure in a more relaxed manner. 

Nathalie Plamondon

Prosperous Life Coach, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and has worked in the fitness for over 27 years. Earning several awards within the fitness industry, Nathalie P’s experience has given people the motivation and inspiration to create healthy lifestyles. "Don’t Just Be. Be Your Best" is the way she lives her life.

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