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The 10 Types of Sex You Have in Your 20s and 30s

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The 10 Types of Sex You Have in Your 20s and 30s

Your twenties are supposed to be your “selfish” years.
Between the ages of 20 and 29, you can throw all of your focus and energy into
exploring yourself and the world around you. That way, by age thirty, you have
established an excellent sense of self and know exactly what you want out of
life. This not only applies to your career or your self-esteem, but also to
your sex life.

The sex you have throughout your twenties is vastly
different from the sex you have in your thirties. It was either good, bad, or
ugly, but at least you learned a valuable lesson about yourself and your

1. One-Night Stand

A one-night stand can happen at any age, but may have been
particularly memorable during your twenties. Maybe that cute guy from your
English class wasn’t as good in bed as he looked. Perhaps the girl you met out
at the bar wasn’t nearly as much fun when she was sober.

You would think that, once you’ve reached your sexual prime
at 30, one-night stands wouldn’t be so bad. Wrong. You begin to realize that
the people you bring home for a fling are single for a reason. Unfortunately,
one-night stands only make for great stories and not great love stories.

2. Booty Call

For the lucky ones whose one-night stands didn’t end in
disaster, you’ve probably transitioned into the booty call phase. This person
can be reached at any hour of the day for a quick fling, possibly some
cuddling, and are out the door before sunrise.

For twenty-somethings, your young heart may soon begin to
beat steadily for someone you thought was just a fling. This can lead to some
dangerous overthinking, insecurities, and possible social media stalking. It’s
possible for thirty-somethings to develop feelings, too, especially those who
are bored of casual dating and looking for someone to settle down with.

While booty calls aren’t necessarily healthy for your mental
or emotional state, they’re can be fun while they last.

3. Friends with Benefits

Similar to a booty call but way more risky, having a friend
with benefits is great for a short period of time and can turn ugly before you
know it. Having sex with a friend can bring about feelings that neither one of
you knew existed, and can sometimes lead to unrequited love.

Twenty-somethings will often go against their better judgment
and make a friend-with-benefits. By your thirties, you’ve been down that road
one too many times and know better than to put yourself through that kind of

4. Almost-Relationship Sex

After you’ve sifted through all of the one-night stands and
never-gonna-happens, you may stumble upon a potential keeper. This person is
fun to hang out with (with their clothes on or off,) shares your interests, and
is totally your physical type.

In your twenties, it’s common to have “courting” sex to
figure out if the two of you are as compatible as you look on paper. It’s
somewhat common for thirty-somethings as well, although some people would
rather save themselves for the actual relationship than give it away on one of
the first few dates.

5. Drunken Love

Drinking alcohol is a necessary evil for anyone of legal
age. In your twenties, you spend your time guzzling through cheap beer and
liquor, then upgrade to spirits of a higher caliber by graduation. By the time
you hit your thirties, long drunken nights are a thing of the past, but may
still happen from time to time. No matter how high class your drink choices
have become, it will not protect you from the consequences of overindulging.

We can tend to do a lot of foolish things while intoxicated.
One of the most common foolish things is drunk sex. You start off thinking it’s
a great idea, but start to reconsider a few seconds into the action.

6. Anytime-Anywhere Sex

This type of spontaneous, exploration sex may happen while
drunk or sober. Did you find a broom closet at the back of the bar that would
be perfect for a hidden makeout session? Maybe you’re just dying to gain your
membership to the mile-high club. Anytime-Anywhere Sex is the pinnacle of
twenty-something intercourse. While there may be plenty of thirty-somethings
trying to renew their Mile High Club membership, most people prefer to keep it
safe and private behind bedroom doors.

7. Oral Sex

Oral sex can be a touchy subject depending on the person.
Some people don’t enjoy giving or receiving. Others tend to be on the selfish
side and choose not to return the favor. You’ll come across all different types
of oral at any age, but during your twenties, don’t expect anything great.

Twenty-something men tend to think they know it all. While
they’re performing, they believe that they’re hitting all of the right notes. To
you though, they may not be getting a standing ovation. By age thirty, most of
your sexual partners will have been around the block long enough to know how to
perform well, so at least there’s that to look forward to.

8. Dry Spell

One minute, you’re finding hookup partners right and left.
The next, you begin counting how many days it’s been since you got laid. Dry
spells are pretty common and can happen to anyone at anytime. When a dry spell strikes,
don’t fret. Just do it yourself!

9. Solo Sex

You never know when a dry spell could hit, so it’s best to
get familiar with yourself and explore your sexual desires alone. Whether you
use a toy or do it the old fashioned way, solo sex can be fun, healthy, and
educational at any age.

10. Great Sex

After what seems like an eternity, you will eventually reach
a point of sexual self awareness. Or, you’ll score with a partner who knows
what they’re doing and exactly what you like. Great sex comes with practice and
experience, so don’t expect to orgasm on your first try. (If you do, great!) In
your 20s or your 30s, you deserve great sex and will hopefully be having it for
years to come!



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