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Things To Avoid Before And After Sex

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Things To Avoid Before And After Sex

A healthy sex life is part of a normal, active lifestyle. It’s a proven fact that people who engage in sex regularly are healthier; their hormones are well-balanced and their cardiovascular health is better (not to mention their elevated moods). From a health and wellness perspective, there are a number of things to avoid before and after sex to keep you healthy, happy and satisfied. The following is a list of 10 things to avoid before and after sex.


A small amount of alcohol such as a glass of wine can help relax you, which in turn reduces anxiety and inhibitions that might otherwise get in the way of enjoying your sexual encounter. However, too much alcohol can prevent a man from achieving a full and lasting erection, which is disappointing for both people. Far too much alcohol can make each partner unfocused and too sluggish to gain any real satisfaction from the sex. Being drunk also leads to more unprotected sex, and that is an absolute no-no.


In movies, a session of hot and satisfying sex inevitably leads to cigarettes. To a non-smoker especially, this makes no sense. Why would you want to follow an hour of cardio-rich love making with a nasty cigarette? Cigarettes should be avoided altogether, but especially avoid them after sex. What a great way to ruin a moment.

Large Meals

Eating a large, rich meal before sex is a terrible idea. You will both feel slow and tired, and possibly bloated and gassy. Talk about sucking the romance right out of sex. Would you eat a 12-ounce steak, two huge side dishes and dessert before you went to the gym? No! What kind of workout would you have if you did that? The same rule applies to sex. The last thing you want is an emergency trip to the bathroom right before or (gasp!) during sex.

Granny Panties

This is for the ladies. If you’re going out with your partner for a romantic evening, sport your sleek and sexy underwear just in case. Not only will you feel sexier and more confident wearing it, your partner will be pleasantly surprised when you strip down to crawl into bed. The same rule applies after sex. Would a pair of loose white cotton full coverage panties be more comfortable? Probably, but just imagine the visual that accompanies that idea. Don’t do it!


This is for the guys. You are taking your life into your hands if you finish having sex with your lady and immediately reach for the TV remote. Perhaps you’ve noticed (??) but as a general rule, most women like to cuddle and talk after sex. Even if your girl is into sports, sex trumps TV 100%. Ladies – hide the remotes.

Bedroom Preparations

If you think there’s even a remote possibility of bringing someone home to have sex, please put fresh sheets on the bed and pick up the clutter in your bedroom. A messy room and dirty sheets can be a complete turn-off to your guest, especially if this is the first time being with this person. First impressions are lasting ones, so please don’t gross us out.

Proactive Protection

For goodness sake, please have condoms handy before the evening starts. No one wants to wait while you run to the nearest convenience store for rubbers. Ladies, to prevent this disaster, you should also carry a couple with you because, as we know, guys don’t always think ahead about these things. Avoid this instant mood killer.


It really doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees outside and snowing. Do not wear socks to bed when there is none to be had. You should be able to create plenty of heat between the sheets to keep your feet warm.

Complicated Lingerie

Ladies, when you choose your undergarments for the evening, please don’t wear anything that might confuse your guy. When things get heated between you, the last thing he wants to do is solve a puzzle to get you naked.

The Phone Rule

This is a biggie. When you are spending a romantic evening with someone special, turn the phones off. There is nothing more distracting or annoying than phone sounds while you’re having sex. Additionally, please observe the 60-minute rule after sex. Finishing up and then immediately reaching for your phone to check missed texts or calls is a terrible idea. Focus your attention where it should be – on your partner.

While making too many hard and fast rules about sex can also kill a mood, these 10 things are more of a matter of consideration for your partner than they are actual “rules.” Be romantic. Be spontaneous. Just don’t forget to use your brain. Sex should be relaxed and free from stress or distractions. Put your partner’s needs at the top of your priority list and great things will happen as a result!



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