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Throw a ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Party for Family and Friends

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Throw a ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Party for Family and Friends

Throw a ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Party for your family and friends! Halloween is the perfect time to create a fantasy party to thrill just about everyone on your guest list. Use your imagination to bring ghosts, ghouls and goblins to your Halloween door! Try these scare-tastic ideas to make your party ‘Spooktacular!'

Pick Your Venue

Whether you are planning a party for 10 or 20 guests, the venue must be scare-perfect! Pick a room or party house that allows for easy decorating and space for games. If you are planning a scare-tacular gathering in your own apartment, home, or backyard, keep it simple and safe! There are so many variations of Halloween parties – from a creepy Halloween movie night, to a ghoulish party full of ghostly games and costume contests. Whichever you choose, pre planning and attention to detail will make your party a success!

Create a DIY Spooky Space

Once you have sent out screaming invitations, selected your scary venue, and decided on a theme, begin by making a list of spooktacular decorations! To save money, use your own creativity to make creepy props without the cost!

  • Use white bed sheets to cover furniture to create a ‘un-lived-in’ old house
  • Black candlesticks, candles and flowers create a macabre setting
  • Place old straw brooms around the room to make it ‘witchy’
  • Create black construction paper ‘chains’ and string them across the ceiling
  • Mix green food coloring in glass bottles (with stoppers) to create ‘magic potion’ or witches brew (add candy eyeballs to make it even creepier)
  • Use white Silly String or white thread/yarn to create inexpensive spider ‘webs’ – spray lightly with adhesive to make webs ‘sticky’ then add plastic black spiders to create a scary doorway for guests
  • Creepy music will make your party even spookier
  • Find gently used Halloween masks/costumes at thrift stores and place around the room
  • Replace ‘white’ light bulbs with orange, purple, red, and black bulbs

Add Creepy Treats

With your venue decorated and ready to scare now it is time to create delicious treats to ooze and chew! Choose a tablespace that is spacious enough for guests to move freely (they will be in costume), and plenty of seating! Here are some ideas to make it the best Halloween party ever…

  • Cover your table with an inexpensive black or orange sheet. If desired, sprinkle the table with plastic spiders and fingers for creepy ambience
  • Pour the perfect Halloween punch! Line dry ice in a large bowl and place a smaller bowl of punch in the large bowl to create a cauldron of smoldering brew
  • Bake up some easy witch finger cookies, sugar cookies sprinkled with orange/black sugar, and graveyard brownies (crumbles brownies with gummy worms)
  • Create a spooky veggie tray – slice a carrot in ½ sections, add a dollop of cream cheese, top with ½ of an olive for a healthy edible eyeball. Add broccoli pieces, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks for healthy treats
  • Other menu ideas include ‘deviled’ eggs, hot dog fingers, and chicken wings

Monster-ish Games

Keep your guest engaged in ghostly fun! A fun party includes photos, music and games.Your spooktacular party will be a hit when you include one or all of these…

  • Before the party, prepare five bowls – brains (cold spaghetti), fingernails (sliced almonds), eyeballs (large green olives), intestines (small linked wieners), coarse wig (hair). Have guests sit in a circle. Turn off the lights and pass the bowls. As the bowls are being have guests try to guess what is in each bowl
  • Costume Contest – have door prizes for the cutest, funniest and scariest costumes
  • Tie a large red apple from a string from the ceiling. With hands behind their back, have guests try to ‘bite’ the apple
  • Play scary ‘musical chairs’ with your favorite monster-mash music
  • Eyeball, eyeball. Who has the eyeball? Have guests sit in a circle. Poke a hole in a large candy eyeball. Thread the candy eyeball through a long string (as long as your circle of guests). Play scary music as guests pass the eyeball along the string. When the music stops, whoever has the eyeball is out! The last ghoul sitting is the winner.
  • Set up a scary photo booth with wigs, fangs, and other scary items
  • Enlist the help of a family member or friend to help with the party. Ask them to dress so that they are not recognizable – as a ‘mystery’ guest to help with games and amenities
  • Set up a scavenger hunt of Halloween items around your venue/room. Give each guest a list of items to be found. The person who collects the most items wins a prize

As the host/hostess of the party, it is your opportunity to look Halloween sensational! Choose a costume that allows you to move freely so that you can be attentive to guests and keep the party ‘alive!'  Most of all, enjoy time spent with your family and friends. Have a safe Halloween! Trick or Treat!

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