Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips For Men


Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips For Men

Jun 27, 2012 //

We are all always told to act our age, but when it comes to looking our age, the answer is almost always unsatisfactory.  In order to look young we must feel young, and so in order to feel young we can’t just stand on our two feet and expect time to pass us by without a scratch, or maybe just wish we could turn the clock back!  But instead of turning the clocks back in time, how about you take a more realistic approach, follow these fantastic anti-aging tips and get the ladies clutching on to your shoulders like any age you’re at is you prime and you own it!

Go Health Conscious!

The first and foremost anti aging tip for men we suggest you try is opting for healthy food. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies and get your appropriate and sufficient dose of antioxidants covered! Anti oxidants are great for the skin and immunity system as they fight off the free radicals that may cause damage to you internally and externally. Other than that, add omega 3’s in your diet also, as this compound is not only great for skin health, but also brilliant for the heart, the brain and the joints! So, the aim is not just to look young on the outside, but also feel young in the inside!

Splurge on some Anti-Aging Products SHAMELESSLY!

Dear men, do not be embarrassed to get a hold of these miracle equivalents of anti-aging skin care products! These products contain an element called ‘retinol’ which is wonderful for improving the skin color, texture and elasticity as it aids the production of collagen and elastin. For this anti-aging tip to be effective, choose an anti-aging for men product according to your skin type and apply it in accordance to the procedure described on the packaging! Get flawless, tight, clear, glowing skin in no time!

Keep Hydrated!

Research suggests that keeping hydrated helps prevent dark circles, baggy eyes, fine lines, those wretched wrinkles and the dreaded dry skin! Get this simple anti-aging tip working for you and carry a bottle of water wherever you go even if it means you look like a school kid! To win some you gotta lose some right?

Exfoliate Dear Men!

A face scrub or a body scrub for men is one essential product you guys need to splurge in, pronto! This particular anti aging tip for men is truly something!
Get a facial scrub that contains ‘Alpha Hydroxy Acid’ and apply at least 4 times a week for best results. This particular acid works in removing the outer rough layer of dead cells off the skin, allowing room for new cells to emerge, breathe and multiply, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin minus the fine lines and roughage!

Sun Protection!

Use a strong sun block, we recommend SPF 30, while stepping out and protect your skin from the damage the sun can cause! It is very important that you apply a sun block on any bare visible part of your body and protect it from UVB and UVA rays! Try to apply the sun block 15-30 minutes before stepping out, giving it enough time to absorb for best results. This anti-aging tip for men is one to look out for, as the sun can cause great damage to the skin and elevate signs of aging. Considering men like to be out and about, sun or no sun, a sun block is a necessary buy!

Clear Eyes!

The area around the eye is a very sensitive one, and so it must be protected. For this anti-aging tip, you need an eye cream fixated on helping reduce the puffiness under the eyes and reduce those wretched dark circles! It’s really not that big a deal! All you have to do is apply this cream once a day, preferably before going to bed and let it soak in on its effect! Sometimes beauty treatment is just that simple!

An Even Skin Tone!

Who wants to look pale yellow, three shades of white or worse yet, three shades of orange? No one right! Here is an anti-aging tip for you which will ensure that you don’t! Whatever color skin tone you have, get that natural looking, yet evenly spread out sexy sun-kissed look with the help of a tinted moisturizer! Do not worry, we are not referring to a bronzer that your lovely ladies may use! A tinted moisturizer consists of natural pigments and highly advanced skincare ingredients that can give your skin the perfect touch of glow and color it needs to look young.

Say No To Age Spots!

Age spots are a cause of great distress and concern to most people! Age spots make your skin look blemished, uneven, darker and older! Use a pigmentation repair cream and even out your skin tone to reduce the blemishes to a major down low. This anti-tip tip for men works the best for those who spend a lot of time in the sun and cannot avoid it!

Keep The Body Proactive!

This anti-aging tip for men is probably what is going to be considered the most hassle free of the lot even though it demands commitment and intention! Get your work out shoes on and hop on to the aerobics train! Research suggests that working out and exercising help in building stamina, muscle mass, balance and bone density! So, join a class or a gym and get your body rolling, heart thumping and bones shaking with some intense workout routines!

Keep The Spirits Alive!

Last but not the least, if you want to combat aging then you need to keep telling yourself you are young! Being young at heart really helps as it gives you the boost to make the effort of wanting to look young also! So whatever the case maybe, keep the music loud, the dancing shoes on, do not turn down invites to parties, do it all in moderation but keep those spirits alive!

Caution: This anti-aging tip by no means whatsoever gives you a free get out of jail-free-pass- at-going-wild!

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