Weekend Things To Do with Your Family

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Weekend Things To Do with Your Family

Nov 28, 2014 //

Weekends are a busy time for most families; sports events, social activities, and other regular routine Saturday and Sunday outings eat up a lot of time. Because of it, when given the opportunity to unwind at home, we tend to not do much— now is the time to kick that habit though, and find a healthier way to spend the day.

It’s easy to get trapped in the tradition of doing nothing in the minimal down time we have. It’s important to avoid missing out on moments by mindlessly meandering through days off. Time passes quickly, so make the most of it. Get your family together on the weekends by partaking in activities that will allow bonding time without anyone of any age feeling bored. How can you get started?

Here are 5 fun ways to keep everyone together for a few hours—which will definitely benefit the whole brood.

Get Active

Whether you love sports or prefer a less competitive way to workout, like a long, healthy hike, family time can benefit from a little fitness fun. Identify what each family member wants to do and take it to a vote; we all win when getting some exercise… now get moving! When it’s a way for everyone in the family to spend a little more time together, it’s especially impactful.

Make a Fun Family Meal

Lots of families have dinner together; try something a little more special. Make breakfast or lunch as a whole bunch, adding in a little bit of everyone’s favorite food. Cooking is not only a great learning opportunity for the kids with measuring and managing a recipe, it’s also a way for the whole group to share something made with love.

Watch Home Movies or Peruse Family Scrapbooks

A little nostalgia is a nice break from reality every once in a while. Share pictures from the past that your kids may have never seen before, or share the live, home-movie experience from when they were small! Keeping a strong family tradition to continually explore is a great way to learn to love history and keep family culture close.

Volunteer Your Time

Find a way to give your time while still being with your family. Donating the days you don’t have to work is an awesome way to teach your children appreciation and compassion. When we’re lucky in our own life with good health and happiness, it’s easy to forget how easy we have it. Try to pass along a little good will to those less fortunate.

Make it a Movie Night

Nothing says Saturday like a hot bowl of popcorn and the family’s favorite flick. Round everyone up and choose one that all can agree on. Kick back and relax on the couch while you spend your time surrounded by the ones you love the most. You’ll find that even amongst the action, there will be a calming peace amongst all participants.

Whether it’s making pancakes or making moves on a hiking trail—it doesn’t matter, so long as you’re making memories. Instead of allowing yourself to surrender to the solitude of nothingness on the weekends, or letting your kids ditch you for time with their friends or their cellphone, find the energy within to take charge; pick and participate in the right activity for all of your family. You definitely won’t regret it.

Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott is a professional writer and digital media strategist living and working in East Harlem, New York City. With a passion for wellness—mind, body & soul— Kate utilizes her writing ability to inspire a sense of optimal well-being for everyone in their day-to-day lives through her words.

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