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Be Yourself and Love Who You Are

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Be Yourself and Love Who You Are

Be you! It’s who you came here to be—no one else was born like you, and no one else can be exactly you. Like the uniqueness of snowflakes, each one having its distinct patterns and impressions, there truly is only one you. Perfect, whole, complete, and amazing just as you are (yes, you read that right), you.

When you step into being yourself at the deepest level, and loving every last morsel of who you are, you are doing yourself a world of good! It’s not only because you’ll feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled in being true to that one person you’ll spend the rest of your life with—you! It’s also because of the world of benefits you’ll experience. Here’s why being yourself and loving who you are is going to make your life shine a whole lot brighter:

Your Love Radiates – Literally

You’re in the flow, you know it. You’ve done what it takes to tune into your mind, body and soul. You can feel the positivity of being you, of living wholly as you are, quirks and conundrums and perceptive imperfections and all—and it shows. The cool thing is, now there’s the science to back it up. People can feel the flow of a person who is living fully as themselves and the heart of who they are—literally.

The HeartMath Institute, an organization focused on expanding heart connections and providing scientific analysis of lifestyle topics, tells us about the frequencies of the heart in an e-booklet by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. When you’re tuned into the high vibin’ feelings of love, joy, peace, passion and compassion, those frequencies are like a radio station blasting out the sweetest songs, and your whole body wants to listen. The electromagnetic frequency travels to every cell in your body—all 70 trillion!—and it gives you that cellular knowledge that all is right in your world. The best part? It’s all because you’re being true to you!

You Become a Magnet of True Connection

High vibin’ feelings—those boosted mood feelings of being happy, fulfilled, satisfied emotions when true to yourself—create not only a language of happiness in the cells of your body, they also make you a magnet for all things positive, authentic and connecting. When high frequency energy travels to your cells, it then synchronizes with all those around you so you become a powerful magnet of positivity, authenticity and, in turn, connection.

As the HeartMath Institute tells us, your heart becomes a global synchronizing signal to bring more positive emotions to not only you, but the world around you. Sound good? We thought so, too. So be true to yourself, love who you are, and you’ll create coherence in your heart, and the hearts of those around you, too.

Your Heart Will Thank You – Physically

When you’re being yourself and tuned into your soul, you are doing things you love. Want to hike? Go for it. Love to paint? Do it. Feel really great while cuddling with your pup and calling her schnookums? If that’s you—go for it, and love yourself for doing it, too. The more you are yourself, and create loving feelings about being who you are, the more coherent your heart is physiologically. Heart coherence, as the HeartMath Institute tells us, occurs when you’ve got positive emotions and the coherence is when they show in your heart rhythm patterns as stable, smooth and harmonious—know what that means? Better heart health!

We all want less stress, better cardiovascular ability and a healthy, happy self—and being you, and loving you, helps you synchronize the cells of your body and that most important muscle: your heart. Being you—all of you—and loving who you are will improve your cardiovascular system, your body’s metabolism, your overall health and longevity. So you’ll live a longer, healthier life—all while being fully you!

You Have Healthier Relationships

Coherent heart patterns can positively transform your relationships, too! Beneath our level of conscious awareness, there’s an electromagnetic communication that happens, so while you’re being yourself and loving who you are, your cells and heart are helping you better communicate with all those around you. A study on empathy showed that with smooth and harmonious heart patterns, people connect more, even physiologically, while communicating. So you’re in essence transforming relationships and the world around you.

Rockin’ heart coherence can also keep negative people, situations or relationships from affecting you. As you be yourself and love who you are, your heart’s coherence communicates with positive electromagnetics, that solid radio station, so even if someone is negative around you, your vibe will stay strong. The HeartMath Institute tells us that, when internally stable with heart coherence, you’re actually less vulnerable to being negatively affected by the fields emanating from other people. A stronger, happier, healthier self!

Radiating love, having a healthier heart, building stronger relationships, and keeping yourself surrounded with positivity—who wouldn’t want all that? Those are the vast, wild and interwoven ways you’ll do better and live better, just by being and loving you!

You’ve got to love you, truly. There’s no one else exactly like you—and that’s a good thing! So get yourself into those high vibe frequencies. You’ll feel your cells start to radiate, have a healthier heart, happier relationships and a world of positivity… be you! And love you. It’s in you to do!

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