11 Ways to Live a Passionate Partnership


11 Ways to Live a Passionate Partnership

Jan 31, 2015 //

When we think of passion, generally we think of the feelings brought on by a new romance. While passion may come about more easily in a new relationship, it can also be found in long-term partnerships. The key is to seek it out. If you look for it and it just isn’t there, take the time to create the passion yourself. Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Dress Up For No Particular Reason

This includes nighties, special lingerie and his favorite perfume. This will be especially well-received if he or she is used to seeing you in sweatpants and a messy bun in your hair. Dressing up will make you feel more confident, too and your partner will love it.

2. Appreciate One Another

Partners who feel genuinely appreciated in the relationship are going to be more likely to seek out the same passion you are giving. When the gratitude is reciprocated between two partners on a regular basis, they feel closer to each other than partners who do not feel appreciated.

3. Encourage Outside Friends

Sometimes when we pair up with a romantic partner, we start spending less time with our other friends, especially if those friends are still single. While we are very happy to have found our partners, we still sometimes long for the friendships we had before we got into a relationship. If you encourage your partner to spend time with his friends, he will not only appreciate it – he will encourage you to do the same. It’s a very nice balance.

4. Give Sincere Compliments

Complimenting your partner on how great they look, or commending them for doing a good job on something can be just what they need to hear. Who doesn’t enjoy a sincere compliment? The great thing about compliments is that the more you give, the more likely you are to get them right back. It’s a great way to keep your focus on the positive.

5. Look at Old Photos Together

If you have been together for a long time, chances are you have recorded your life in the form of photographs. If you don’t have them categorized in a photo album, make that part of the surprise. Sit on the couch with your partner and take a walk down memory lane. This will remind you of the passion you once felt when you first met, and it is a very sweet way to rekindle the passion between you again.

6. Plan A Date Night

It happens with every couple eventually, especially once you start having children. The priority you gave romance in the beginning of your relationship starts getting lower and lower on your list of things to do. A great way to reignite some passion between you is to plan a date night for just the two of you. Once a week would be great, but more realistically most of us can handle this about once a month. Just sitting down and planning a date night with your partner is likely to boost your mood, and your feelings of passion.

7. Be Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is not only exciting; it also makes us feel young again. Doing something special that is also unexpected will add to the fun of it. The weekend trip, for example: secretly book it and pack a bag for each of you. Tell your partner you have a surprise for them and drive to your romantic destination. The surprise will be genuine and they will be touched that you cared.

8. Set Aside a Day or Evening Just For Them

You don’t even need to tell your partner “this day is all for you,” just plan on doing it. Make them their favorite meal. Put music on in the background that you know they like. Light some candles in the bedroom and make the bed and the whole room like an oasis for two. Passion in a relationship is about much more than sex; however, the same partner shouldn’t have to initiate intimacy every time. If he usually initiates it, he will be very pleased when you take initiative and do so yourself.

9. Flirt

It may have been several years since you flirted with your partner, but there is no reason why you can’t do it again. They will flirt back, which will be fun and will re-energize your moods for passion.

10. Take a Weekend Trip

There are now resorts of all kinds in American cities, so you won’t have to travel far to find a nice one. Book it for a special weekend with your Honey as an easy, quick get-away. Just the change of scenery will do you both some good. Add roses and some wine and you will be on your way to the best romantic weekend ever.

11. Get Creative In The Bedroom

Spread some rose petals on your covers. Light some candles. Put on romantic music and when your partner gets home, make him close his eyes and lead him or her into the bedroom. Lay that special nightie out on the bed as well. His mind will be blown! You want passion? This is a great way to create it!

It is very important to keep a sense of passion within ourselves as well as with our partners. A life without passion is dull and depressing. Take some simple steps today toward rekindling the passion in your partnership!



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Stacy Zimmerman

Stacy Zimmerman is a freelance writer and full-time student at the University of North Texas Honors College pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Stacy is the proud parent of two exceptional daughters. In her free time, Stacy practices yoga and meditation, creates mixed-media art and is working to produce her first novel.

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