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4 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

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4 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Are there any advantages to sleeping naked? Yes, a bunch of them! Let’s look at it this way, our world is divided into two types of people: people sleeping in pajamas and people sleeping naked. According to a poll of 3,700 people conducted by Anna’s Linens in Costa Mesa, eight percent of Americans sleep naked.

If I were to ask you, do you get sweaty at nights? Are you getting up in the middle of the night to find yourself all tied up in your nightgown? Well sleeping naked could be a solution for this uncomfortable situation of yours.

Let’s see if sleeping naked is good or bad, shall we?

Is It Healthier To Sleep Naked

Clothes restrict blood circulation. Because when you sleep, your body recovers from day-long stress, perspiring at first and then cools down. In order to sleep comfortably and devoid of restlessness, you need to loosen up those elastic bands of your pyjamas. Going naked accelerates good sleep.

Sleep In Peace

Of course sleeping without clothes gives a warmer feeling. However, Lisa Shives, M.D, a board of director authority at National Sleep Foundation, says our body temperatures decline progressively when we sleep, which is natural in our bodies – thus, additional warmth from your pyjamas can disrupt your sleep. Sleeping undressed makes you much more comfortable.

Burn the Chub

High cortisol levels (stress hormones) weaken your body’s immune system. When are they higher? At night, when you go late to bed and get up lacking energy in the morning – at this time your stress hormones are significantly higher. Higher levels of stress hormones trigger overeating. Your appetite begins to incline, making you feel hungrier at short intervals, causing excess fat to accumulate. Additionally, it raises cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels and may cause hormonal imbalances resulting in infertility in women.

So how can I keep my cortisol levels at par?

It has already been addressed that when you sleep naked, your body cools down;  consequently it also increases growth hormones and lowers coritsol levels benefiting your sleeping patterns.

Anti-Aging Factor

Melatonin hormone is a potent antioxidant – known to be the pacemaker of the aging cycle in humans. The warm body temperature at night affects the release of the melatonin hormone states Natasha Turner, a naturopath and the author of The Hormone Diet. This hormone, according to WebMD, is made by the pineal gland which is present in your brain. Melatonin hormone controls your sleep cycles.

It is healthier to sleep naked which in turn drops your body temperature increasing melatonin hormone which then works its regenerative magic.

Stimulates Oxytocin

Oxytocin hormone counteracts depression and stress arousing the sexual responsiveness in you and your partner. When you sleep naked with your partner the skin-to-skin touch reaps benefits like intimacy, intercourse, cuddling, caressing and of course a sensual massage!

The feel –good hormone prevents harmful effects of cortisol, intestinal inflammation, gut mobility and also lowers blood pressure.

So you see, sleeping naked isn’t off-limits. Instead it is healthier to sleep naked, not only for the body but also your mind.

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