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5 Things that Demotivate Employees

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5 Things that Demotivate Employees

Have you ever noticed how and why an employee’s enthusiasm eventually wanes out after a few months of working? Why his morale drops off significantly and he loses the zeal in his work? An employee’s relationship with his boss or the manager is the most important factor that determines how happy and motivated he is at work. How many employees you know are de-motivated out there? For the demotivation of an employee, certain factors are responsible.

Motivation does not only involve good salary and benefits. Employers must also try and recognize the hidden values of an employee and understand what motivates him. But normally they don’t. If you are an employer, you need to know the reasons for the decreasing productivity of your employees.

What Demotivates Employees?

Employee motivation is vital for the development and success of any business. It improves his productivity which eventually gives a boom to his work while creating a stable work environment. Also learn how to motivate your employees with some employee motivation ideas.

1. Inadequate employee Recognition

Employee recognition is the crucial aspect that can significantly affect employee’s performance and the level of motivation. However, lack of recognition and acknowledgement can immensely demotivate the employee while distracting him from his focus. Recognition encourages positive actions in the employees, whereas, lack of recognition can negative affect employee’s performance and well being.

  • Large or small, each contribution should be recognized by the employer. Rather than criticizing employees about their mistakes, provide them with productive ideas that may help them to improve.

2. No Development Opportunities or New Responsibilities

Learning new skills and being challenged on regular basis keeps the employees motivated. Following the monotony and not confronting challenges can negatively affect employees’ attitude. Learning is the best way an employee can improve his capabilities and acknowledge his tendency to work. Ignoring this aspect will ultimately minimize enthusiasm in him.

  • Let your employees learn about the opportunities that come their way, and also help them train and develop. Let him participate in new projects. Improve his skills by conducting regular workshops.

3. Poor Leadership

Strong yet effective leadership is one of the crucial factors that play a pivotal role in boosting employee’s morale. If the team lacks strong leadership or is somehow affecting the outlook of the team negatively, employees may start feeling demoralized and demotivated. If the team or an individual is lacking motivation and enthusiasm in his job, one potent reason might be lack of good management.

  • Leader must have an inclusive a flexible approach to managing a team. Furthermore, he must be able to communicate well and convey messages clearly whilst inducing focus and confidence in his employees.

4. Lack of Appreciation

Failing to praise and making the employee feel that his hard work went unnoticed is definitely the sure factor that can demotivate him. If employee’s hard work and determination is overlooked by the boss or the management, he will start wondering that why is he working that hard in the first place? Financial appraisal is definitely encouraging but verbal appreciation does more than that.

  • Offering praise, both publicly and privately to the employee heightens his morale and confidence. Even small things such as commenting ‘good job’ or ‘well done’ do the trick.

5. Lack of Communication

Another factor that can demotivate an employee is lack of communication from management. You might have noticed that employees are pretty motivated when they start a new job, but demotivation instantly sets in after few months because employees are left with the idea of ’need to know’. This will only make them agitated thus having a negative impact on the productivity.

  • Flow of information between employer and the employee and proper communication from the leader encourages employee and his devotion towards his job.

For an employee to function well and to the best of his ability, an employer must be fully engaged with his workforce. An employer has certain roles and responsibilities towards his employees and employee satisfaction must be his primary concern. Therefore, motivation and encouragement is essential for the well being of the employees. Don’t let your employees lose the zeal in their job and understand what really drives an employee’s motivation.

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