5 Tips On How To Be An Opportunity Maker

Mar 4, 2015 //

In order to advance in your personal and professional life,
opportunities typically don’t just fall into your lap. If you are more of an
introvert, it can be difficult to put yourself out there. If you want to move
ahead and accomplish your aspirations though, you need to be proactive about
it. There are many steps you can take to create more opportunities for yourself
instead of sitting at a dead-end.

Get Social

Communicating with people is vital in order to take the next
step in every aspect of your life! As you make connections and develop
relationships with people on both a personal and professional level, you will
create opportunities for yourself as you nurture those connections. Whether you
choose to network more with people outside of your immediate department at work
or through an industry event, getting your name out there will create more
prospects. Getting involved with social networks is another easy way to keep in
touch with your connections. LinkedIn for instance currently has more than 332
million registered members with over four million companies maintaining
LinkedIn pages. You can also create more social opportunities for yourself by
tweeting, Instagraming, and liking to your heart’s content! Everything you put
out there on different social media platforms is potential for another
opportunity. Share what you are doing to advance in your industry; you never
know who you will impress.

Get Involved

Being involved within your community creates character. Find
local groups that interest you and those that can benefit from your help, and
then provide charity work. Showing genuine interest in a good cause and
something that is greater than yourself will reflect upon you in a very
positive way. Don’t expect anything in return; think of it as good karma.

Show Your Strengths

Let your strengths shine every day. You want to let people
know what your skills are and that you are willing to receive support from
others when it comes to working on your weaknesses. As previously mentioned,
social networking is a great way to connect and to let people know what your
strengths are. Share what you are working on, your recent accomplishments,
adventures and professional aspirations. Social media is a great outlet to let
people know what your skills are and what you have to offer.

Live & Learn

You know the saying, “you’re never too old to learn
something new!”
When it comes to creating opportunities for yourself, you want
to constantly learn new skills to better your life as a whole so you can become
an even more important asset to others. Be open to other people teaching you
new skills or a new way of doing things. Whether it’s building a personal skill
at home or getting a more advanced certification within your particular
industry, education is key.

Be Positive

Having a positive outlook on life and looking at each
situation as a learning or growth opportunity will only prove to be beneficial.
Things won’t always go as planned and it’s a step forward to think of what you
can learn or do about that current situation instead of taking a step back! If
a meeting or job interview didn’t go well, take into consideration what you can
do to make the next one better.


Emily Capdevielle

I am currently a features contributor for Fitness Republic focusing on health and fitness topics to help improve your daily life! My expertise is honed by my own fitness journey and love for running. As a half-marathoner, you can say that I'm only half crazy. I majored in journalism at Columbia College Chicago and currently live in the Chicagoland area.

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