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5 Ways to Increase Your Willpower

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5 Ways to Increase Your Willpower

With enough will power just about anything seems possible. We’ve pulled together 5 essential and highly effective tips for boosting yours.

1. Sleep Enough

Besides dealing with irritated and bleary eyes, while generally disliking everything around you to a greater degree; insufficient amounts of sleep takes a great toll. Seriously. Without enough sleep (7 to 8 hours on average for adults) you greatly liken your chances at sustaining an ill mood, and also having much less if any willpower to turn down destructive temptations-like snacking past midnight. There’s no getting around it; self-control requires a great deal of will power. Without enough sleep you’re giving your body a lot less to work with.

2. Meditate for at Least 5 Minutes a Day

Meditation’s a process of honing your willpower. It’s a tough business and will challenge you to focus, and keep your mind from wandering astray. Yes, meditation will require you to focus on your breath: the rhythmic inhale and then exhale. Succumbing to distraction brought upon by a wild series of rambling thoughts is inevitable. You’ll have to force yourself to steer back center, and remain focused on the process at hand. Meditation is a process founded on self-awareness, and every time you consciously re-enforce a focus back onto your breathing pattern, you’re renewing your body’s ability to have self-awareness and resistance in the face of maddening temptation.

3. Cut Back on the Sauce

This might come across as all too obvious, but despite all the positive ‘feelings’ brought upon by a nerve-settling, post-long-day drink; you’re lowering your blood glucose levels every sip of alcohol you take and simply put, increasing your chances at not turning down that unhealthy late-night snack temptation.

4. Anticipate the Temptations

A plan of action going into a scenario can allow you to anticipate the pros and cons, and ultimately weigh the value of acting on an ‘immediate gain.’ Maybe you walk into the same grocery store every few days, and the doughnut rack lies ominously next to the entrance; you’re always helpless and can never seem to not grab a maple bar. They just look too good! Next time around, picture yourself in that scenario, and reinforce and envision yourself not grabbing that baked pastry. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness anticipation and positive envisioning reinforcement can bring upon a nasty habit.

5. Really Think Things Through

This kind of builds off our last tip for you in that such a large part of willpower and turning down detrimental temptations is self-assessment and positive envisioning. We’re all trying to make one change or another in our day-to-day lifestyles. We can’t get caught up in the chase to achieve the goal, and end up forgetting why it is we started out on the road to improvement to begin with. Perhaps the greatest motivation when challenging yourself, and definitely where you find a chunk of your inspiration, is remembering what got you moving in the first place. Think on why you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing, and what the fallout will be if you give up.

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