5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Soulmate Success


5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Soulmate Success

Dec 31, 2014 //

With December being the last month of the year, there is a natural tendency to begin activating the energy of endings in all areas of your life. You might be surprised to know, this month is when the highest amount of romantic break ups occur. It’s the mindset everyone is in. You’re reflecting on this past year and, getting clear what you want to bring with you – and what you’ll be leaving behind.

In fact, what you no longer desire may be showing up right now – with intensity!

If you’re single, your goals may be about clearing as much as possible off your path to create space for a new, conscious love to come in. You might be thinking about fears, limiting beliefs, habits and other blocks in the way that you want to release.

If you’re in a relationship, you might be thinking about ending the relationship – or staying – but looking at how you can improve certain aspects. Maybe you want to feel a deeper connection, create more intimacy, romance, communication or whatever your goals are.

Which is why I felt this is the perfect time to support you and help you prepare for soulmate success in the New Year. My tips today are geared towards single people, but I invite you to read this even if you are in a relationship to see how you might want to tweak with your current partnership.

Slay Your Own Dragons First

Your dragons are the frightened parts of your personality. The unhealed wounds from past loves and experiences – and only you alone can heal them. If you’re still holding onto anger, disappointment or hurt from past relationships – do your best to shift as much as you can before starting a new relationship. The goal is to arrive in a new relationship with (at most) a carry-on bag – not a full set of luggage. Those extra baggage fees can be costly!

Commit to Stop Dating Your Type

Let’s face it, if you’re seeking a soulmate right now – you most
likely have been disappointed in the past. So it’s time to adjust your
approach. A great way to start is to commit to only date people you
resonate with. You know when you’re with someone who resonates with you
because it will feel like they fan the flames of your inner best self.
There’s no anxiousness – or wondering when they’ll call. You feel secure
and clear headed.

Release Toxic Relationships

While we’re in a month of endings, it’s the perfect energy to help you make firm decisions about who you will surround yourself with in the New Year. If your plan is to grow, evolve and attract your soulmate, that will be a lot easier to accomplish with cheerleaders vs. those who are jealous, hold you back or drain your energy.

BE the Qualities You Want to Attract

“If you want to attract a King, you must know how to be a Queen”.
Like attracts like. If you’re seeking someone who is confidant, sexy,
financially stable and treats you well, then check-in and rate where
you’re at in those same areas in your own life. For example, you want to
attract someone who is financially secure, but it’s an energy mismatch
if you yourself have large debts. Be loyal to your inner royal. See what
you can improve to be the vibrational match for your ideal partner.

Create a Relationship Vision that Excites You

If the Universe doesn’t know what you want, it can’t deliver it to you. So this is about getting crystal clear, then writing it down and hanging up your ‘order’. To get started now, start making notes about who your dream person is, what they look like, what it feels like to be with them, how they treat you etc.

Kim Sarrasin

The Queen of Hearts is North Americas most sought after relationship expert. With over 50,000 fans & followers and a 97% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate, Kim has a long list of happy clients. Kim is regularly featured as an expert on national television and both online and print magazines. To connect with Kim and receive your FREE copy of “21 Things to Know About Men”, visit www.attractyourking.com

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