6 Workouts to Boost Your Body Confidence


6 Workouts to Boost Your Body Confidence

Apr 25, 2015 //

Do you struggle with body confidence? Exercise is a wonderful remedy for this common problem. In addition to changing your outward appearance, exercise has a positive effect on our thought processes. Working out will give you a regular boost of the feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins, and you’ll enjoy the rewards that come with learning something new.

If your number one fitness goal is improving self-esteem, consider taking group fitness classes that will help you get into shape in a supportive environment. We love these six body-confidence workouts.

1. Zumba

Zumba is a cardio-dance class that draws its inspiration from Latin dance. Zumba instructors strive to bring a party-like atmosphere to every class. The choreographed dances are designed to get your heart rate up and keep you entertained. While Zumba’s roots are planted firmly in Latin music, many other types of dance and music may be included in the class too. For example, you might dance to African beats, country, hip-hop and pop all in one class!

Zumba’s light-hearted and fun take on fitness will help you feel more confident about your body and your dance moves. The group class format makes Zumba the perfect workout for people who enjoy a social environment. 

In addition to being a fresh and fun way to exercise, Zumba is also a fantastic cardio workout. A study commissioned by The American Council on Exercise found that the average Zumba participant burns about 369 calories in one class. The researchers also noted that all of the study participants were able to get their heart rate into a range that met fitness industry recommendations.

2. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is both an athletic endeavor and an art form. Although it’s often associated with exotic dance clubs, pole dancing started as a traditional art form in many areas of the world like India, China and France.

Today, both men and women are seeking out pole dancing lessons as a way to get fit and boost their body confidence.  Pole dancing can improve your physique and give you the satisfaction of mastering a new skill. A single pole dancing class can burn as many as 250 calories, plus help you build upper body and core strength. Many pole dancers find they feel more confident in themselves as they master advanced moves on the pole.

3. CrossFit 

CrossFit is both an exercise philosophy and competitive fitness sport. CrossFit workouts are typically conducted in a group setting and incorporate high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, power-lifting, gymnastics, and Strongman exercises. 

CrossFit gyms are well known for their tight-knit and extremely supportive members. It’s not uncommon to see fellow trainees cheering each other on at loud volumes or offering congratulatory hugs. If you thrive off social support, your self-confidence will swell when you join a CrossFit gym.

4. Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense system originally created for the Israeli armed forces. It’s a diverse combination of techniques including Aikido, boxing, Judo and wrestling. Krav Maga is famous for it focus on real-world situations.

Krav Maga classes often include a physical conditioning element that will help improve your body image. Plus mastering the practical self-defense techniques taught in Krav Maga will make you feel secure and independent. 

5. Ballroom Dancing

Cultivate self-confidence by learning how to dance. Ballroom dancing’s emphasis on posture, poise and grace can improve self-esteem from the outside-in! Ballroom dancing teaches you how to present yourself with elegance and confidence. Even if you don’t feel you self-esteem sky-rocketing at first while you’re learing the moves, once you catch on, others will take notice of your improved posture and physicality.

Participating in ballroom dance is a low-pressure way to practice meeting new people. The safe and friendly environment can help enhance your social skills. Ballroom dance can also help you stay trim by adding cardiovascular exercise to your routine. 

6. Aerial Yoga and Fitness

Aerial yoga uses a set of fabric slings that are hung from the ceiling to perform graceful, strength building poses. Aerial classes are fun and exciting way to get a full body workout. The choreography takes mental focus and physical strength; you’ll reflect on how powerful and beautiful your body truly is while you do these challenging moves.

Erika Volk

Erika is a certified personal trainer, Nutrition Coach, and fitness writer. She holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), TRX Suspension Training Systems, Precision Nutrition. She specializes in creating gym-free workouts.

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