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7 tips to boost your exercise motivation

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7 tips to boost your exercise motivation

After the first few months of the year many of us run into a slump where we feel like our gym, or exercise goals in general, are just not being met for so many reasons. The longer we put it off or stay away, it too, can begin to feel super overwhelming to get back to business because we feel unable to get back in the game because of the excuses we’ve set for ourselves.

When your motivation starts waning, there are a few things you can do to help increase your chance of long-term success. Half the battle is just getting up and giving things a try—that’s enough to get you started and on the right track. Just because yesterday or today wasn’t perfect doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be a better, more pro-active workout—stay positive!

How can you get your ambition back right away?

Here are seven tips to take to heart and get back to achieving all that you set out to accomplish more quickly than ever before.

1. Work Smart

It’s not about the hours you spend; it’s the quality of the time you put in. The more aware you are of working smart versus working hard, or even over-exerting, the better your long-term results will be when you stick to a manageable plan. Find the right way to workout for you and you’ll see a world of difference in your desire and results.

2. Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Pump yourself up—you don’t need anyone else! When you’re getting ready to go, put on an incredible playlist, get on your favorite sports gear, and be your own cheering section. When you’re happy before, you’ll be completely satisfied after. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed before starting.

3. Work On Small Goals

There is nothing that can stifle progress like overexertion or taking on too much too quickly. Once you feel confident in your short-term goals you can create ones that stretch into a much longer span of time. When you’re real and true to yourself, you can see major changes in your exercise.

4. Do What You Like

The best way to have a good workout is to make it enjoyable—whether it’s walking, running, bicycling or something similar, don’t try to take the time to do things that aren’t piquing your interest. The adage stands true: “when you do what you love you never work a day in your life.” 

5. Try New Things

Don’t let your routine get stale. There are so many opportunities to choose new activities that get your heart moving and your body excited for an incredible workout. Avoid being sucked into self-doubt just because you haven’t tried before—the time is now to learn something new and grow from it.

6. Reward Yourself

Take the time to make sure you recognize your achievements and make the most of them. When you know better you do better, so treat yourself the same way. Let each accomplishment be a notch in your life belt, showing that you’re well on your way to leading a good life, overall, and for a long time.

7. Workout With a Friend

The buddy system is a great way to maintain motivation and continue to strive to do your best. When you’ve got someone sweating alongside you, you’re creating a healthy competition that will make it less stressful to exert yourself to your max capacity for better health.

With these myriad methods that work to your benefit, make the most of your quest for better health by giving yourself the best chance possible to achieve all your fitness aspirations. Don’t give up! Just do your best and give it your all and you’ll make it far.

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