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7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Relationship

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7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Relationship

Wondering how to keep the spark alive throughout your relationship? Try these 7 simple tips to keep the butterflies in your stomach and your love going strong!

1. Get Strong and Sweaty Together

Working out with your significant other is a win-win. It has numerous health benefits and it can be an awesome way to freshen up your relationship. Physical activity and exercise are linked with increased blood flow, improved stamina and enhanced self-confidence and body image. Fitness makes you both look and feel great about yourself, not to mention the boosting effects and stamina can be channeled into the bedroom. After all, being active can affect the intensity and quality of sex. Who wouldn’t be on board for that?!

2. Add Some Flavor to the Bedroom

Over the course of any relationship, it’s not uncommon for intimacy to become “vanilla.” After being with your partner for a long period of time or if you live a busy lifestyle, you may fall into a complacent state where your sexual relations suffer. Things might feel plain, routine or less exhilarating. If you find yourself in this situation, make it a priority to spice things up. Good news: there are numerous ways to do that! You could try out new locations, positions or times of day. You could even play around with music, décor and the overall setting for sex. Use your imagination and discover that cherry on top that you’ve been missing.

3. Discuss Your Love Languages

Most couples are unaware that people communicate through different “love languages,” and it’s imperative to know how your significant other needs affection and emotion to be communicated. Gary Chapman’s book, 5 Love Languages, is an amazing resource for getting to know both your partner and yourself better in terms of love needs. In short, the book is based on the premise that you and your significant other’s love languages could be as different as Arabic and Chinese. No matter how hard you try to express love in Arabic (what you both speak and understand emotionally), if your partner only understands Chinese, you both will never understand the right way to show and communicate your love for one another. It’s a quick read that you and your significant other should do together followed by a conversation to ensure you’re in tune with each other’s love languages.

4. Surprise Your Significant Other

Based off of what you learned and what you know about your significant other’s values, plan out a surprise to show your love, affection and appreciation. Your surprise could be anything from something tangible, for example a present or love note, to something intangible such as a trip or act of love. You know your significant other better than anyone else, so it should be both fun and easy to plan something truly special and moving.

5. Return to the Honeymoon Phase

It’s common for relationships to transition from the honeymoon phase to a plateau, where things are not as new and thrilling. Give your relationship a rebirth by reliving a special time in your past. Perhaps you go back to the place where you first met and had your first date or maybe there’s a pivotal moment in your relationship that you want to recreate. Both you and your partner could plan and orchestrate your own way of returning to the honeymoon phase; this might show your partner what highlights you cherish most. On the other hand, you could also discuss and plan the same tribute to those past, fairytale moments. Either way, rediscover those butterflies in your stomach!

6. Try Something New

Experiencing new places and events is a wonderful way to get to learn more about yourself and your partner. After all, it allows you to gain new perspectives, discover new likes or dislikes, and it also helps you get in touch with your values and beliefs. Why not get to know both yourself and your partner better by going to a new city, state or country?  You could also try a new experience, maybe skydiving, boating or ballroom dancing? This makes for a great opportunity to bring you and your significant other closer together, while also adding some adventure to your relationship.

7. Dedicate Couple’s Time

Let’s face it: there just aren’t enough hours in each day! With work, school and other obligations, it is not always easy to find time to prioritize your relationship; don’t let it take the back seat any longer! Dedicate periods of time each day to focus on your partner. During the week, it could be as simple as having a sit-down dinner together and discussing your day. On the weekends, be sure to schedule a date night. You don’t have to do the traditional dinner and movie date either, especially if you and your partner are frugal with your money. It could be a walk outside on a starry night or cuddling and watching your favorite television show. Bottom line, in order to have an optimally healthy relationship, make it a priority and put the time in.

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