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7 Ways You Can Be a Great Girlfriend

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7 Ways You Can Be a Great Girlfriend

Congratulations. You figured it out. After spending years searching, wishing and praying for your dream guy to show up – at last he did. So giving you major high fives for that, girlfriend! And now, you might thinking it’s one thing to catch him, but a whole different set of tools might be required to keep him.

Each man is different and will have his own unique needs that keep him interested and attracted to you for sure. However, hundreds of men have consistently confided certain aspects of women that – across the board – all men agree keep the flame of love and attraction burning high for a lifetime.

Curious to know what they are? Then read on to find out the “top 7” men have shared with me:

1. Love Your Looks

I’m starting with this one because, in my books, it’s one of the most important. Often when women get comfortable in a relationship, we start to ask a man questions like “do I look fat in this dress?” If you doubt your looks, he might doubt them too. So, save that stuff for your gal pals.  When you’re with him – only appreciate your body.

2. Appreciate Him

Speaking of appreciation – when you appreciate all the small and big things a man does for you he will go to the ends of the earth for you. Never, ever hesitate to tell him how much you appreciate what he produces for you (whether it’s taking out the garbage or a trip to Italy)

3. Clarity

Men don’t like being put in the position where they have to walk around with a mining hat and dig to find out what you need.  You’re considered a great girlfriend if you’re clear and upfront about what you’re asking of him, what you need and things you want to do – all the time.

4. You Have Your Own Life

Men certainly love to feel they are needed and make a difference in your life, but they also want you to have friends and other interests outside the relationship. If you do, then he feels free to have a certain level of independence too. He’ll love you more knowing he can get a “hall pass” when he wants to golf and hang out with his buddies.

5. Avoid Criticizing Him

This is a hidden behavior you might not be aware of. Most women think the only way to change a man is to making him wrong for what he’s not doing right. If you continue with this, you’ll have on your hands a man who feels like he’s losing with you. Instead, let him know what would delight you – can feel the difference?

6. Praise Him Publicly

One of the four basic needs of men is to feel like they’re a rock star when they’re with you. Even if he’s eighty years old, every man wants to believe they can still do moves like Jagger. Men will rarely share awards and achievements in mixed company – when you do this for him, he’ll be immensely grateful and proud to be with you.

7. Sexy Surprises

This is something we can get a bit lazy with, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while and really comfortable. That’s a wonderful place to be at – but it’s great to spice things up once in awhile. TIP: Rent a French Sexy Maid costume and surprise him when he gets home from the office. So fun, right?

(If you’re a man reading this, stay tuned for my upcoming article “7 Ways You Can Be a Great Boyfriend” publishing here this month)

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