9 Ways to Please Your Man (From Real Women)


9 Ways to Please Your Man (From Real Women)

Feb 1, 2015 //

Good communication is the cornerstone to a happy relationship. Life is hectic and, many times, getting caught up in the regular hustle and bustle of it all, we can easily forget what’s most important—how we make others feel. It’s imperative to look outside of our own wants, needs and desires and take a look around at how we’re effecting others by our actions—we want to make sure we’re benefiting them to the best of our abilities most of the time.

Even if you don’t live with your partner, the occasions that you spend together, even if you’re just ‘hanging out,’ are really important for creating and keeping good habits that help your relationship stay on the right track for the long run.

There are many ways to get your union into the best shape possible, but it doesn’t have to take a ton of time, or even be too much effort. Try these 9 ‘real women’ tricks first; they’ll be sure to have a powerful positive impact on your relationship and make your man more satisfied over time.

Make Small Gestures of Kindness

A note in his work-bag or lunch or an addition of his favorite snack; ironing his work clothes; anything that shows that you’re paying attention and want him to be happy. Life is about little ways to show we love people, so identify yours and integrate them into your day-to-day for a more fruitful partnership.

Be More Intimate

This doesn’t just mean have more sex—although it definitely can include it. Make sure that your man knows that you care about him on a deep, more connected level. It’s not just about your time in the bedroom; it’s about kissing your partner good morning and goodnight, those shared small ways to show you care.

Take Better Care of Yourself

Focusing on you can actually create better synergy in the relationship you have with your partner. Men are visual, so if they see you’re working hard to make yourself better, brighter, and more assured with yourself, they’ll begin to follow suit thanks to their more competitive nature, in all areas of life.

Really Ask How He’s Doing

“How was your day?” may seem like a sufficient question as a greeting when he gets home; with a question like that though, you’ll probably get a general response of “good” or “bad.” Take a moment, say hello, look him in the eye and really ask him in a way that shows you’re present in the moment and care about his response.

Be Encouraging

Nagging is the nails on the chalkboard to men, so make sure when you state your position on something, it’s in a way worth sticking up for. Try ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ messages: ‘I really appreciate the time you took to do the laundry today.’ Instead of, “you finally did a load of laundry, thanks!” Presentation and perception can make all the difference.

Keep A Sunny Disposition

No one likes being around someone that is negative all the time. There are few things worse than being stuck feeling like your good energy is being sucked out by unhappy people. You don’t need to keep a ‘perma-grin’ on your face, but be aware of your actions and intentions—your male counterpart is making note of it. Be happy!

Eat Well and Exercise

Beyond being ‘the key to a man’s heart,’ eating well is of paramount importance. Eating healthfully keeps the body and brain functioning properly and, when paired with exercise, you’ll find that the healthier lifestyle choices take some of the toxicity that exists in the relationship and replace it with positive attributes.

Take Action

Don’t expect the male to make all of the decisions. If you want to do something, make it happen! Whether it’s planning a vacation, or budgeting for something else that’s fun that might be a bit of an extra expense, it’s not ‘the man’s job.’ He’ll appreciate that you’re taking charge, and you’ll get it accomplished much more quickly without waiting.

Be Happy

Your internal happiness may potentially have the biggest impact on the happiness of your partner. If you’re feeling stressed or frustrated all the time, chances are, it will affect them too. Find your calm by taking care of yourself, and you’ll see that it will spread beyond you to make a more harmonious energy with your mate.

When you take the time to make the most out of your relationship, life opens up in new and unexpected ways. It’s important to not get caught up in the mundane—you’ll miss out on the magnificent ways that love and light can impact your life with the one you love. You’ve only got one life; make it as memorable as possible by working towards being happy with yourself and your partner every day.

Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott is a professional writer and digital media strategist living and working in East Harlem, New York City. With a passion for wellness—mind, body & soul— Kate utilizes her writing ability to inspire a sense of optimal well-being for everyone in their day-to-day lives through her words.

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