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How To Gain Mental Clarity And Improve Your Focus

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How To Gain Mental Clarity And Improve Your Focus

When you want to get the most out of life, it’s really important to feel clear-headed. Mental clarity and focus—those two essential ingredients bringing in more peace to your life and allowing you to hone in on creating a life you love—are so important to your mental and emotional well-being, and they really are within your reach.

Do you feel cloudy-headed throughout the day? Do you want to know what it is you ‘really want,’ but feel too overwhelmed with your day-to-day to-list to unveil your purpose and passion? Life can be an onslaught of to-do lists (if you let it) and, if you’re not mindful and present in your life, you really can feel like a hamster spinning on a wheel.

Many people experience these challenges because their mental clarity and focus is low—wading through an ocean of work, not knowing how to properly unwind or nurture yourself in ways you need, letting thoughts run rampant and invade your mental space… it doesn’t have to be that way! When you connect with mental clarity and focus, you bring alertness to your life, a vibrancy of presence and true care to what you’re doing by living your life clear-headed, focused and with increased concentration.

That means you’ve got the space to live your life with more joy, peace and passion— truly fulfilled. To get that much-needed mental clarity, here are tools to help you.

Master Your Mind with Meditation

Whether a seasoned meditator, or calming yourself with breath for the first time, you really can connect with, and master, meditation. After just a few sessions, you receive endless health benefits that boost your vitality, like decreasing anxiety, tension and headaches, regulating blood pressure and improving your concentration. Meditation also boosts your emotional stability, that strong, solid sense of you, and uplifts your creativity, happiness and intuition.

Mastering meditation helps you clear your mind, tuning to the truest essence of you. When you connect with your breath and presence in meditation, you may even find you experience personal transformation. Meditation not only helps with dissolving stress and overwhelm, it brings awareness to your thoughts—in this way, you can cleanse the toxic ones, and nourish yourself with positive thoughts that light up your life and mind.

Master meditation so you can choose those thoughts of harmony, fully aligning with your most clear mind and balanced emotions—so you can achieve the mental clarity and concentration, and all its benefits, that you deserve.

Realign Your Body & Mind

Meditation tunes you to your soul, that integral aspect of what’s within that’s beautiful, connected and clear. It’s also important to nourish and align your body and mind, focusing not just on spirit, but on aligned health for mental clarity as well.

You can realign your body and mind by knowing your body and connecting in with what’s best for you. The easiest way to realign your body is to take care of it. Nourish it with exercise, care for it with plenty of rest, feed it healthy foods and you’ll be on that journey of realigning body and mind. Your body is your temple; when you adorn it with care, you’re laying the foundation for your clearest mind, and most satisfying life, yet.

When you’re realigning your body and mind, you want to connect with the consciousness of your body—that is, you, your body and mind always know what they need. Tune yourself to that. You can physically connect yourself with exercise, working out as a way to realign your body with your mind, which releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) to your brain, so you can connect with a clear, happy mental space.

Clear Your Mind & Gain Focus with Essential Oils

Nature provides us not only with knowing our bodies and what they need, but also with the lush gifts from plant life, one of which is essential oils! Essential oils take the best of plants—what’s essential, literally—and, especially therapeutic grade oils, distill that in its purest form. The health benefits of oils are so plentiful.

A number of oils target the cells in your body to create calm, help relax you, increase your alertness, help you sleep, improve your skin, aid in digestion, and more. All of this benefits your body in supporting you for a clear mind and increased focus. To elevate your energy, and laser in on any given task in any given moment, or to aid in digestion so your mind and body are aligned, peppermint oil is powerful to synchronize you for your most clear head.

Lavender oil, and any of the soothing blends, help de-stress you, calming the central nervous system, which allows you to see clearly, a mental focus and increased concentration by way of letting go, a softening. Many essential oils can be consumed (always read labels to be sure), applied topically to the skin, or inhaled from the hands, bottle or a diffuser. Enjoy essential oils—and get all the health benefits, especially a clear-head to live your most fulfilled, best life!

Align Body & Mind with Yoga

Much like meditation, doing yoga allows you to clear your mind and become more focused in your life on the things that really matter. Yoga can be a form of moving meditation, a mindfulness of being present in your body while each pose physiologically gives you clarity in your mind. As you breathe and connect to your yoga practice with presence, a beautiful thing happens: you become aware of your thoughts and, in that awareness, you can release judgment, let go.

This clears so much mental space for you as you move throughout your life. Your mind becomes more clear; in your presence, you train your brain to become better able to focus, not only on the mat, but in all that you do. With the movements of yoga, each position allows blood to circulate through your body, giving much-needed oxygen to your brain so you feel energized, alive and clear of mind. Try these 10 best yoga positions that will help clear your mind and energize your brain, and then bring that clarity to your life. You’ll be so glad you did.

Prioritize What Really Matters

One of the best ways to gain mental clarity and focus, but something that is often overlooked, is to prioritize and organize your life. With family, friends, work, exercise and self commitments, life can sometimes feel like ‘you don’t have enough time.’ Take heart. As you step into the practices in this article, you’ll have a more clear mind, and from that space of presence and peace, you can begin to get clear on what really matters to you. It’ll be individual to you, and that’s perfect! (You’re the one living your life—and if you want to feel fully fulfilled, you’ve got to trust and follow your inner guidance, the knowing within.)

It’s really important to stay focused on what’s important in your life, and manage yourself and your time to prioritize everything you need to do, and be, to stay true to yourself. A great way to get organized is by writing down everything that needs to get done; this not only clears those tasks bouncing around in your brain, it helps you clarify, prioritize and then execute.

Everyone desires that same aspect of life—joy, fulfillment, happiness—on many levels. Having mental clarity and focus can give you that, so you’ve got more time to do more of what you love: live your life! Try these tools and let me know what works for you in the comments below—to your clear brain, your heightened focus, energized alertness, and to living a life you love!

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