Can We Reverse The Effects of Smoking?


Can We Reverse The Effects of Smoking?

Nov 22, 2013 //

Smoking is hazardous to health but did you know just how much a great exercise schedule can reverse the effects of smoking? No matter how long you have smoked for, if you choose to engage in an exercise program today you are offering a new life to yourself, to your organs and to your body.

Negative Effects of Smoking

Smoking damages your lungs resulting in shortness of breath, affects your heart adversely, reduces blood quality and even impairs brain function. Moreover, if you smoke within a group of people who are non-smokers you also endanger their lives through second hand smoke.

Chirs Lowry from Action on Smoking and Health says smoking one to fourteen cigarettes in a day increases the risk of lung cancer by eight times. It also restricts the flow of blood making your skin lose its elasticity.

Vitamin D is considered one of the most important nutrients for a healthy skin and simply by smoking a single cigarette you limit the absorption of this vitamin. A single cigarette also steals 25mg of vitamin C from your body.

According to the director of studies at University College London, Robert West, a person who smokes a cigarette now and then isn’t a casual smoker. He continues that every time you smoke, you will smoke the next one even harder extracting more toxins and nicotine.

With so many negative effects of smoking, are there any benefits too? Well obviously not. Tobacco is not good for your organs, and if you wish to live longer and remain healthy then a detox program is what you need to enroll into. My question to you is – are you ready?

Reversing the Effects of Smoking

Exercising can help your body recuperate from the damaging effects of smoking. Exercise strengthens your respiratory and cardiovascular system, thus helping to reduce the negative effects of smoking.

Quitting smoking is extremely difficult for some, but remember it’s not impossible. If you allow positive vibes to reach your head then you can accomplish this difficult task. Here are a few ways you can start exercising and managing your entire body’s well-being.

Enroll In a Gym Class

Join a gym or an exercise group. Exercising at an official place reserved for this purpose helps keep one more motivated than trying to exercise elsewhere. Similarly, exercising in a group helps you succeed even faster, because of all the support and healthy competition that you get. Plus you get loads of motivation to keep doing what is good for your health, because there are others to keep a check on you anytime you feel like faltering.

You may even opt for Zumba which is a rigorous training program that tests you to the limits.

Exercising will improve your lung function, blood circulation and also help eliminate toxins from your body.

Follow A Trainer’s League

Just like you seek a doctor’s advice whenever you fall sick, try doing the same in your gym class. Follow the lead of your trainer. If he/she has given you a specific exercise program, stick to it – this will allow you to accomplish the set goal to not only reverse the effects of smoking, over a few months to years, and will also motivate you to curb smoking altogether.

Visit a Nutritionist

When you embark on a mission of eliminating a bad habit it is important to carry the right tools. Hence, visit a nutritionist who will design a menu plan to your liking consisting of fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods which will help you quit smoking and also reduce free radicals poured into your blood by those tobacco sticks.


Meditation is a form of exercise which helps people learn how to breathe well, relax their body, and thus gain better control and awareness of it. Indulge in deep breathing exercises. A smarter way to do is by going to a yoga studio where the trainer will assist you. Breathing exercises expand your lung volume, strengthen lung muscles and build endurance, thus helping you strengthen your lung muscles and functioning, despite your smoking.

In the beginning you might start coughing when taking deep breaths but that’s normal. As you continue this regimen coughing will give way to proper  deep breaths and make you feel comfortable.

Follow this kind of a program and you will begin to see improved changes in your health within a few short months. Do forget to consult a doctor before you enroll into this program or at any point during it, whenever you feel you need any assistance, or before moving on to something more rigorous.

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