Fit and Fabulous! How to Stick to Your Resolutions This Year


Fit and Fabulous! How to Stick to Your Resolutions This Year

Dec 30, 2014 //

Happy 2015! As we dust ourselves off from the festivities, we check the ‘damage’ from the holidays – both to our wallets and our bodies – and make those resolutions for the New Year. This advice will help you stick to your diet and fitness resolutions this year.

Write and Review Your Resolutions

Actually write down your goals, their deadlines and the action steps you’ll take to reach those goals. Make sure they’re realistic and consult your doctor to be sure any weight loss goals are in a healthy range. Generally, it’s healthiest to avoid rapid weight loss – no more than 1 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds per week.

Review your resolutions and your progress every week. About three weeks into the new year, if you’ve formed at least one new healthy habit, count that as success and celebrate with a non-food reward. (Maybe buy yourself a fitness tracker!)

Share The News!

Pull together a support network so you stay accountable, and fly through the finish line. Hop on your favorite social media network (if you’re feeling brave) and declare your goal to the world or join a support group. If you’re not ready to shout it from the rooftops, tell at least one other person about your plan and ask them if they can be your accountability buddy. It’s even more fun if you can persuade them to join you in workouts.

Weight Train

Body weight training is trendy, but it’s also a tried-and-true option – the cheapest and most convenient way to work out because it can be done anywhere. If you’re overwhelmed by the January gym craze, you’ll feel better working out on your own. Make some space in your office or take a walk to the park during your break, pop in your headphones, and see how long you can do squats, push-ups, planks, mountain runs and other old-school exercises.

Variation is Key

Once your body is used to a routine, you’ll need to change it up to see results. Test out a few other workouts such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), personal trainer sessions (a trainer can help you prevent injury), strength training (in or outside the gym; surf Fitness Republic for some fun fitness routines), and group personal training (a trainer who works with 2 to 4 people; grab a few friends and split the cost!).

The Most Important Thing

Happen to fall of the wagon? It’s not over! Stay focused, forgive yourself and get right back on. There’s no sense in beating yourself up for one missed workout or one overindulgence. It’s about progress not perfection. You can reach your goals!



Christine Forde

Christine is a fitness instructor, freelance writer and book coach who loves all things about health, fitness, and nutrition. She’s also a frequent traveller and an avid reader. She teaches cardio kickboxing, HIIT, yoga-pilates fusion, and total body conditioning classes at her local gym.

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