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What You Do For Your Body Now, You Do For Your Life

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What You Do For Your Body Now, You Do For Your Life

Why is fitness so important? There are dozens of reasons why you should get fit, or improve your fitness. And most of these reasons will give you visible results in a short amount of time, such as:

  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved muscle tone and shape
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved lungs
  • Enhanced moods
  • Better mental focus

Benefits to Your Future Self

Most people don’t think about the future when they work on fitness goals. It’s hard enough to focus on the present. But, everything you do right now to improve your physical and mental fitness will have benefits beyond what you can see right now. You are doing things to change your future self. You are reshaping your body, and making it better. And by doing that, you are improving your immune system and decreasing your stress level, while increasing your chances of living a longer, and overall improved life.

A Lifestyle Change

This is because fitness is a lifestyle change that will stay with you the rest of your life. Becoming fit is not a short term goal. Any successful athlete will tell you that fitness requires a combination of:

  • Determination
  • Hard work
  • Consistency
  • A healthy diet
  • Motivation

These are the essentials for fitness, especially for those who train for competitions like bodybuilding, triathlons, marathons and other professional sports events.

Mental Focus

The amount of results you achieve with your workouts depends largely on your ability to focus your mind on what you want to do. Mental focus combined with belief is a powerful thing that helps you achieve your goals. Determination is a key factor in training success.

A Variety of Workout Methods

There are variety of ways to workout and get fit. You can free weight train, bodybuild, do strength training on various machinery, or do cardio workouts on treadmills or cycling, or you can try new methods using exercise balls, foam rollers and kettlebells. Aerobics has been around for a long time, and yoga is another way to workout. Crossfit, which is high intensity interval training combined with weight lifting has also become popular. And, there are competitions for everything. But, no matter what you do, you will find that each type of workout is designed for very personal and specific results. This is why trainers are needed, to help you realize your specific goals.

Make a Serious Commitment

The long term benefits of regular and consistent fitness training are undeniable. The main thing to remember is to be devoted to what you are doing and make it a serious ongoing commitment. Twenty years from now, you will be glad you worked so hard on your fitness goals. Recent studies are finding that exercise and fitness are essential to a healthy life, not only for what it does for your body, but how it improves your brain. The more you exercise, the level of oxygen in your brain is increased, as well as the amount of hormones that are produced which help you feel good.

A few of the long term benefits from staying fit and eating a healthy diet are:

  • Increased longevity
  • Resistance to disease
  • Better heart health
  • Better lung health
  • Improved mental capacity

So, think about it. Everything you do right now to improve your body and your mind, you are doing for the life you will have in the future. And, because of the hard work you put in right now, you will be able to live a better more fulfilling life.

My Experience

I was a competitive swimmer from ages 8 to 16, and now that I am older, I can tell you how thankful I am for all the workouts and races I competed in as a youth. I was on a swim team, so I worked out every day and competed in races year round, just when my young muscles were developing.  And, I have continued to workout as an adult. Today, I am 60 years old, I am active, I still swim, and I feel and look like I’m 40. I take no medications and I have no health problems.

Think about where you will be in 20 years. You will be able to look back on today and remember how hard you worked on your fitness goals and what you achieved.  By working out today, you will feel better, look better, have more energy and stamina, better emotional health, and live longer and be a more productive person at whatever you do. It’s an effort worth making.

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