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How To Make A Home Gym

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How To Make A Home Gym

Gyms are great and all, but sometimes they can be a pain to go to. The annoyance of exercising around a bunch of random people, the frustration when the machine you wanted to use is occupied, and the self-consciousness you feel when someone who looks more fit than you walks in. If you constantly feel this way, than you know it is time to look elsewhere for your workouts! Have you ever considered building a home gym? Not exactly sure where to start? Below are a few home gym ideas for you to look into that will not cost you an arm and a leg to achieve!

No Mirror? No Problem!

Most gyms have a wall of mirrors so everyone can look at themselves and their form as they exercise. There is no reason that you cannot have this in your DIY home gym as well! All you have to do is head out to your local department store, buy two or three small, full-length mirrors, and mount them on the wall side by side. This route can cost you anywhere from $15-$30, depending on the amount of mirrors you buy and the place you get your mirrors from. If you are not interested in going to a department store, try Craigslist! Look for people doing renovations – they might be trying to get rid of vanity mirrors! Depending on who you buy from, these mirrors can cost you a few bucks or even be free!

Create an Exercise Bike…With Your Bike!

The most expensive part about building a home gym is purchasing the exercise equipment. Here is an excellent way to create an exercise bike – use a bike you already have! If you have an old bike sitting around in the garage, pick it up, dust it off, and buy some wood and pegs. That is all there is to it! You will wind up making yourself a bike stand that you will be able to use in your workout room! You do not have to fork out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it done!

Puzzle-Lock Your Floors

If you are starting your home gym, chances are that you may be starting it in your garage or basement. If you are, then that also means that your gym will be sitting on hard, concrete floors. If you are working out and using machinery, being on a hard floor is not necessarily the safest thing in the world. Getting rubber flooring that interlocks to put on your floor should do the trick! The rubber flooring is safe, secure, and is more comfortable to workout on! All you have to do is head on over to your local department store or even surf the web to find these nifty little things! Putting the flooring together and on your floor is not rocket science at all! Just fit the pieces together like a puzzle and put them down. You can get them in all kinds of colors, so they will bring even more life to your fitness home gym!

Add a Sauna to Your Home Fitness Gym!

Some people enjoy partaking in saunas when they go to the gym, so why not bring that to your own personal fitness room too? Though this addition can be a bit costly to some, if you are up for the challenge, by all means, go right ahead! There are actually two ways this DIY fitness room goal can be achieved: either build your sauna outside or inside your bathroom. All that is necessary is some nice insulation, heat, and wooden benches (no one wants to have to sit in a hot sauna on a hot metal bench or chair for ten to fifteen minutes) to get yourself going! Sauna-building kits are actually sold online as well. Not really into building a sauna for yourself or just not sure if you would have room to do it? Portable saunas are sold online! That way, you can place the sauna in the corner of your fitness room and use it after your workout!

DIY Fitness Equipment

We have already discussed how you can make your own exercise bike with an old bike, but did you realize that you can also make virtually any piece of exercise equipment you would like all by yourself? Well you can! You can create your own yoga mat by purchasing no-slip kitchen liner, make a medicine ball with an old basketball and some sand, or grab some pipes and make a homemade pull-up bar!

If you did not have any ideas for what you would like to do for your home fitness room, hopefully you have gained some inspiration now! We all have to face it: home gyms are definitely not free, but as you can see there are numerous ways to cut back on the cost and make things much easier on both you and your bank account! None of these projects are amazingly difficult; you can even get your family involved with these projects! Just have fun with it, and your home gym will be completed in no time!

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