Tips to Overcome Life’s Toughest Situations

Nov 20, 2014 //

Tough times. Everyone goes through them, but many of us don’t deal with them in the best way for our body, mind, and spirit. We get so caught up in the details of the event or occurrence, that we literally lose sight of everything else that is going on around us—the lives of the people that matter to us and the happiness brought by doing what we love to do.

When something goes wrong in our lives, it can be easy to fall into a trap of stopping time in its tracks. There are lots of different types of grief; whether from the sharp pain of a bad breakup, or the dull-aching hurt of a devastating loss of a loved one, with each one, it’s important to identify strategies that may work to help you through challenges as they arise. Getting starting is easier than you may think—you can easily begin now by

Identifying the People who Make You Feel Good—and Letting Them Help You

When getting over a tough situation, sometimes what you need is your A-team around you. Even if you think you’re not up for company, make sure to take a moment to examine why you feel that way—is it because you’re truly happy in your own solitary moment? Or are you shutting others out in the hopes that wallowing alone will make it all better? Being alone is okay, but suffering alone is not. Allow yourself to give and receive love during life’s tough moments; it may bring you more joy than you initially anticipated and you may even be surprised by who comes around.

Finding an Outlet to Let Go of Stress

A healthy distraction is a great way to help cope when moving on or letting go. Pick up a new hobby, develop a new fitness goal, or invest time in something that you’ve been putting off for a while. Necessity is the mother of invention, and sometimes out of a tough situation a new passion or opportunity can rise from what seemed to be hopeless in the moment. Everyone needs something constructive that they feel good about doing; once you find yours, make time to do it as much as you can.

Allowing Yourself to Feel Real Feelings

It’s okay to hurt. Take the time that you need to heal and get healthy when things get rough. Talk to a professional, friend, or family member, or begin journaling or meditating, if looking for some inner peace. Giving yourself time to experience these new opportunities not only takes your mind off of your worries, it also allows you to try out a new form of expression that you might really enjoy. By saying words out loud or writing them down, we’re able to get past those thoughts or feelings and begin to move forward in a new direction. Allow yourself the luxury of really letting go of whatever might be holding you back from living your best life.

Focusing on You

Make sure your personal health is a priority; it’s easy when upset to lose focus of our physical selves and sometimes our day-to-day habits like showering, dressing and proper grooming may even suffer. Make sure to take time for yourself and what you need to accomplish to keep in the best working order possible. Take pride in little accomplishments when you’re feeling low—if you make it out the door fully-dressed and ready to make the best of things, you’re already ahead of the game, so remember to remind yourself of that!

Finding Your Own Peace

Make sure you feel good inside. We find out what we’re made of in life’s most difficult moments, not the times that we thought things were easy. Life fluctuates; there are highs and lows throughout the entire journey. It’s imperative that we understand ourselves within because without that inner harmony it’s difficult to properly progress in the everyday world around us. Once you’re happy on the inside, your whole world will feel a little brighter—and day by day in those tough times, things will begin not to feel so terribly bad.

Let your heart be your guide and make time to find joy, even if it’s just a small sliver of silver lining. Allow your own conscience and your core crew of family, friends and confidants help get you through moments that, we must remember, will always pass eventually.

Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott is a professional writer and digital media strategist living and working in East Harlem, New York City. With a passion for wellness—mind, body & soul— Kate utilizes her writing ability to inspire a sense of optimal well-being for everyone in their day-to-day lives through her words.

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