Your Dating Success Checklist for 2015


Your Dating Success Checklist for 2015

Feb 6, 2015 //

The other day I received an email from one of my clients excited to share she met “the one.” After reading that email, I started thinking about clients who, like her, met their soulmate, got married or made some kind of quantum leap in their love life. When I reflected back on my most successful clients, there were consistent and similar changes every client made that helped them attract their ideal partner.

Without question, all of them created a strong foundation to stand on first and adopted a “no-excuses” approach with a white-hot determination to manifest what they wanted no matter what. They were willing to face their dark side and accept personal responsibility for the role they played in past relationships.

Maybe that’s the foundation you’re standing on now, but you’re unclear about what more you can do. Well, help is here! Read on to discover an easy-to-follow dating success checklist you can work through for 2015.

Discover Who Men Are

If having a man is the plan, then you need to know who it is you’re dealing with. Many women though go to the WRONG source to find out about men – other women! Would you study a map of Egypt if you were planning to go to Paris? No! So, start asking questions and having conversations with male friends, co-workers and family members about who men are and how they think. The great thing about guys, they’re straight shooters and will gladly share the truth about who they are and what they want in a woman.

Raise Your Standards

Wherever you set the bar, a man will always meet you there. If you keep lowering the bar on what you expect from a man or compromising your values, you’ll never experience true happiness on dates or in a relationship. Many women have become “Master Adapters” – twisting themselves into pretzels to accommodate a man’s needs. Break this pattern by putting your needs first and viewing yourself as the prize.

Produce Less and Receive More

If you’re showing up on dates in your business suit, making the restaurant reservations and calling the man right after your date – Houston, we have a problem. These are all signs of running masculine/production energy. When you do this, you give a strong message to men that you can do everything yourself and don’t need a man, which leaves him feeling he’s not useful or wanted. This year, embrace your feminine grace and allow men to produce for you; let him pick you up, organize the date and make the first contact after a date.

Be Approachable

This means being open and saying YES. Is a friend dropping hints that they have someone in mind for you? Then agree to meet him. Are you turning down social invitations or avoiding opportunities to expand your social network? Thinking, analyzing and making up excuses as to why a man or opportunity might not be a good match are all forms of resistance. Here you are wondering why men don’t approach you. Look at the message you’re sending to the Universe! Just say YES!

Hire an Expert

I swear on my life, hiring people who are light years ahead of where I want to be has been the single biggest factor that helped me create my own success. If you’re like me, you want what you want NOW – not in 10 years. If your goal this year is to put an end to struggling in love, then get the support you need from someone who has already done all the heavy lifting!

Kim Sarrasin

The Queen of Hearts is North Americas most sought after relationship expert. With over 50,000 fans & followers and a 97% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate, Kim has a long list of happy clients. Kim is regularly featured as an expert on national television and both online and print magazines. To connect with Kim and receive your FREE copy of “21 Things to Know About Men”, visit

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