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How to Attract Your Potential Mate This New Year

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How to Attract Your Potential Mate This New Year

You may be thinking the year is almost over, so there’s no chance of fulfilling your goal about meeting your soulmate this year. Well, just don’t go there. There is an abundance of opportunity ahead if you plan to attend a New Years party this year.

New Years parties often include people you know – but most likely the room will be packed with a LOT of people you’ve never met before. More than any other party you might have attended all year.

New Year’s is a big celebration, probably held at a venue you’ve never been to before – and combine that with a massive amount of new people in a room –you’ve got yourself an ideal recipe for “meeting a potential mate” success.

Follow my tips below to make sure you make the most of this!

1. Dress Determines Success

Even if you’re shy, use this night as your opportunity to SHINE – literally. Ditch the typical little black dress, and go for bright red/ orange or even cobalt blue with the prettiest bling you can find – anything that will help you stand out. There’s going to be lots of people there – set a goal to be the belle of the ball (well, your version of that, ok?)

2. Commit to this ONE Non-Negotiable Goal!

Which is – do NOT drink too much. I know most people seem to think everyone gets a “hall pass” to get drunk on New Years, but that doesn’t mean you have to align yourself with that. This night is a great opportunity for you, don’t miss your chance to be fully present to the many potential mates you will be surrounded with.

3. How to Approach

Men pay attention: please don’t make women approach you. I don’t generally have any hard and fast “rules” in dating – but this is one I absolutely recommend to clients. The only way to ignite deep attraction in women from the get go, is to take the lead and approach her. If you put a woman in the position of pursuing you – she won’t appreciate it. Trust me on this one, guys.

4. Breaking the Ice

FOR WOMEN: When a man comes up to you, BE approachable. Smile, appreciate him and do all the things I know (that YOU intuitively know) about being attractive. When I guy works up the courage to walk across the room, make his efforts worthwhile – even if you’re not initially attracted to him.

FOR MEN: I’m sure you already have some great ways to break the ice, but just in case – a good start is a good old fashioned “Hi, I’m George – what’s you’re name?”. Then, go right in with a lovely complement on her dress, hair etc.. THEN, keep asking questions and focus on listening more and talking less.

5. The Afterglow: Follow-up

If you had a lovely time with a new man you met and exchanged phone numbers – let him call you first. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t email. When the ball is in his court, leave it there.

And guys, don’t believe some silly “rule” about waiting three days before you get in touch. All that does is stress a woman out and create uncertainty for her. Instead, call her the next day and invite her for brunch/ a movie whatever you come up with.

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