4 Creative Ways to Introduce Your Significant Other to Friends


4 Creative Ways to Introduce Your Significant Other to Friends

Jan 1, 2016 //

Ah, love. There’s nothing like the newness and joy of a fresh relationship that makes your heart sing. Happiness, butterflies in the stomach, getting to know one another and—your friends. It’s inevitable that when you’re filled with great vibes for your partner that you love, you want to share that person’s awesomeness with everyone you know!

You can’t wait to introduce them to your friends—that’s key, right? You want them to love him/her just as much as you do. Sometimes though first impressions don’t go as well as you want them to, which can give your friends a perception of thinking negatively about your significant other. It may just be nerves, or really wanting to get it right and connect with your friends, but that first meeting can sometimes feel intimidating. When you’re thinking about introducing your new honey, you want to set the stage for a positive meeting so all parties connect as well as you do.

Sometimes just “accidentally” running into your friends at the mall doesn’t work well. Your new lovely could be caught off guard, and try to make a good impression, but may end up saying or doing something they shouldn’t, which can cast them in a bad light with your friends. To make sure your relationship between your besties and your best love starts on the right foot, try one of these four creative ways to introduce them.

1. Plan an Adventure You All Will Love

Chances are your friends and your new love have something in common. Figure out an activity that everyone will enjoy; it could be going for a hike, attending a sporting event, going to a bar or anything you know everyone will want to do. You really want to ensure everybody is comfortable in the environment so that no negativity can creep in when they first meet up. The first impression between your new significant other and your friends will go swimmingly when everybody is comfortable in their environment.

2. Do a Pep Talk Before They Meet

When you’re introducing that new love to your friends, you’ve got to be kind. He/she may feel like it’s “me vs. them,” as though they’re being judged by, or somehow compared to, your friends. Talk with your new love. Let him or her know that, sure, they want to show up fully for that best first impression, but that you love them for them—that’s why you fell for them in the first place! You can pump them up and help them feel comfortable too by giving your new honey some info about the friends they’ll be meeting. Give them talking points they can connect with—what do each of your friends like to do, what shows do they like, what kinds of movies do they watch? This will help ease your man or woman’s mind, and give them something they can feel comfortable with to start a solid conversation. It’s kind, helpful and caring to give them that starting point!

3. Plan a Double Date First

Large group of friends? Woah! Hold on. That may be overwhelming for your new sweetie to meet them all at once. Try setting up a few double dates with your closest friends who have had a significant other for some time. Allow them to meet your new sweets in a more personal setting first; with you by their side, and meeting two people instead of a whole group may help ease their discomfort. They like or love you, so they really want to do their best! This gives a kind, open opportunity to do so. This way, too, your friend will be able to get a great read on your new partner and let your other friends know what he or she is like. When they get to know each other in a more private setting, it allows your new partner to make a better impression.

4. Get Them to Interact on Social Media

Social media is one of those social norms that’s become, well, normal. It’s probably one of the biggest platforms for interaction around the globe, and a huge aspect of many people’s lives. It’s where we update our friends on daily happenings, and it’s easy to see what everybody is up to without scheduling time to meet up. Talk to your new love about adding adding your friends on social media; if they feel comfortable with adding your friends, this can be a great way to connect and see what each other’s all about before meeting in person. Your new sweetie can learn more about your friends, so they aren’t in the dark when they first meet, and have something to discuss. They may even strike up a conversation online for that initial meet, or comment on a great photo that showcases something fun from their life. It also gives your friends a chance to learn about your new honey—what are they into, what types of photos do they post or articles or sayings do they share? Of course, it’s never great to creep someone’s entire page from seven years ago—we all change!

Giving your new sweets the best opportunity to really connect with your friends not only helps them; it helps you, too! You’ve fallen for this guy or girl, you want it to be the best when they meet those people you care deeply about, too: your friends. It can be stressful for everyone to meet, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone cares about a common denominator—you—so making it possible to have a best first impression is really a wonderful thing to do. Using one or all of these tips will help when they first meet in person—enjoy your love, and your friends, and when they connect, help let it be the best it can be.

Jenny McKaig

Jenny McKaig, #1 International Bestselling Author, Empowering Women to Succeed, Sr. Editor, Inspiration & Soul category, Fitness Republic, BAH Professional and Creative Writing, accredited Mind-Body Specialist and certified Awakening Coach, is an award-winning writer and creator of numerous correspondence courses and seminars designed to elevate a more vibrant state of well-being. An innovator in affirmations, visualizations, wellness, writing and awakening, Jenny is a visionary who empowers with transformational stories to raise global consciousness and elevate success. Jenny's inspirational drive is matched only by her love of surfing, ultimate frisbee and her husband-to-be Shawn and their pup, Bailey.

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