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What Your Dress Color Says About Your Mood

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What Your Dress Color Says About Your Mood

Fashion trends come and go, but most of us have a preference or color palette that ties in with our personality and mood. You may drive a white car, carry a white purse, have a closet full of white blouses, and even a white cat. That’s okay. That’s who you are.

Color choices may have an impact in our emotional welfare. For instance, the experts at have connected the dots of fashion to ‘color psychology.’  They have categorized clothing palettes into seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall – colors that relate back to nature. Finding your color palette can be essential to your success.

The color of your clothes says a lot about you. We unknowingly associate certain colors to particular moods. Let’s take a look at dress colors and how they determine your mood…


Not just for St. Patrick’s Day, green is a favorite color of nature. It is easy on the eyes and brings harmony to your day.

  • Green is a rugged color that says you are dependable and trustworthy.
  • Wear green to an interview to symbolize your accountability.
  • Restore energy and tranquility to your work environment by wearing green
  • Green is associate with money and prosperity; truly a mood booster


A ray of sunshine, yellow is associated with all things bright and beautiful. It is an uplifting color that can dissipate the dark clouds in your day.

  • Wear yellow for balance and energy
  • Create a positive outlook by wearing a yellow dress or blouse
  • Yellow will make you optimistic and enhance your mood
  • Wear yellow to be a bright light to others (which makes you feel good)


When we think of orange, we usually think of citrus and its therapeutic aroma. Orange can be fun, whimsical, and carnival-like. Wearing too much orange can be overwhelming, take it easy and wear orange as a secondary color to create a mood of playfulness.

  • Wear orange as a subtle strip in an organza blouse
  • Add orange accessories to create a playful mood
  • A cotton orange shirt can bring sharpness and help you focus
  • Add orange to your wardrobe if you are looking to stimulate your mind


The color of royalty, purple brings to mind velvet and richness. Purple says you are in charge and in control. It also can be soothing and set the mood for passion and pleasure.

  • Wear purple to show authority and presence
  • A pressed-cotton purple shirt can set the mood for a winning day
  • Purple jewelry, ties, and accessories can be comforting
  • A soft velvet purple dress or blouse can set the groundwork for a night of passion


A person wearing red is usually confident, simulating, and full of energy. Whether you drive a red car, wear red lipstick, or wear red accessories, your mood will be fiery and assertive.

  • Wear a red dress to work if you want to draw attention and interest.
  • If you are having an off day, wear a bright red blouse to enhance your mood.
  • Red is associated with passion (Valentine’s Day), love, and power.
  • It is a hot nightie in the bedroom that quickly hits the floor.
  • Create a fantasy bedroom all in red to set the stage for a sexy mood.
  • Replace ordinary white lights with red lights for added arousal.


Pink is not just for girls! A man wearing a pink shirt is sexy and says ‘come hither’! Sometimes trendy, sometimes foo-foo, pink is associated with beauty and innocence.

  • Wear pink to create a mood of softness
  • Dark pink says you are strong, healthy, and dynamic
  • Pink is associated with health and well-being (pink blush makes you look healthy)
  • Also associate with love, a pink bustier can bring down London Bridge


Beautiful blue. It is the color of the sky, water, a child’s eyes, a Sunday robe, or a favorite satchel. There are so many variations of blue. It has a calming effect, lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles, and releasing anxiety.

  • Wear blue if you are in for a rough day, it will bring tranquility.
  • Keep a blue silk (or any fabric) scarf on hand to remind you of nature.
  • Putting on your favorite pair of blue jeans is an excellent way to enhance your mood.
  • Blue is associated with wisdom, healing, spirituality, and peace

What is your favorite color? What does it say about you? How does it set your mood? Earthy colors like brown, black, greys and taupes all have their place in our wardrobe. But, wearing bright colors can enhance our mood and brighten our day. Don’t settle for drab neutrals. Take advice from the fashion experts at What Not to Wear. Wear clothes that fit your body type, skin tone, and style. Change it up with patterns, florals, and stripes. What you wear does affect your mood. Wear something fun today.

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